Training & Development


Developing core competencies required by a changing business and market is our priority.

Managerial competencies

Our training catalogue shapes our annual offer for different company’s targets:

  • Innovation and organisational change for young hires and professionals
  • Tools to manage processes and resources for managers
  • Finance and people management for senior managers
  • Ad-hoc training for talents

Piaggio also values know-how sharing by arranging training events facilitated by internal trainers.

Performance management & development

All Piaggio Group white collars, middle managers, and executives are evaluated yearly on the basis of their performance, technical and managerial competencies with the same global approach worldwide.

This process is the foundation for development actions such as training on areas to improve, job rotation, international projects, and access to talent programme.

The objective is to continuously develop competencies while rewarding outstanding performance.

We envisage attractive career paths and rewards for our top performers and hi-pos.

Valutazione e sviluppo
Talent management

Piaggio Way global talent programme speeds up the professional development of our best hi-pos.

Participants come from all over the world and develop display global mindset & mobility, ability to lead in a multicultural environment, and courage to take new paths.

The programme lasts up to three years and is highly selective.

Talents may benefit from accelerated development tools such as:

  • job rotation
  • international projects
  • events involving top management
  • coaching
  • customized training.
Gestione talenti