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The Piaggio Group product range includes scooters, motorcycles and mopeds in the 50cc to 1200cc displacement range for the Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Derbi and Scarabeo brands. The Group also manufactures three- and four-wheel light transport vehicles for the Ape, Porter and Quargo ranges.

Piaggio has over 8000 employees.

The Group has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 11 July 2006.

In the Group’s system, the Board has a central role in connection with corporate organisation and is responsible for the functions and strategic guidelines

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The publication date of the interim and annual financial reports for the current year can be found in the Financial Events Calendar.

The section Financial Statement and Reports contains an archive of all the financial documents released by the Group. Alternatively, write to the Investor Relations team at investorrelations@piaggio.com.

By completing the order form in the Financial Statements and Reports section or, alternatively, by writing to investorrelations@piaggio.com.

The Piaggio Group aims to create value by adopting a strategy which:

  • consolidates its leadership position on the European two-wheeler market and on the Indian light commercial vehicles market;
  • increases its presence on international markets, with particular reference to the Asian area;
  • increases the operating efficiency of all company processes, with a focus on industrial productivity.

For the operational plans that translate these objectives into practical terms, and a more in-depth outline of Group strategy, see the Strategy section.

Piaggio has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 11 July 2006 (ISIN code: IT0003073266).

The Piaggio Group is controlled by Immsi S.p.A., an industrial holding listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. The complete shareholder structure of the Group can be found in the Shareholders section.

Key information on Piaggio stock can be found in the Stock section.

See the Contacts page for the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of our Investor Relations Office.  

The Senior Notes due 2016 are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, ISIN code: XS0471946367.

The Senior Notes due 2021 issued in 2011 are not listed on any regulated market given that it is a private placement purchased by an American institutional investor.

The "International Financial Reporting Standars" (IFRS) are a set of international reporting rules, ratified by European Commission, that Companies with securities listed on regulated markets of Member States of the European Union are required to adopt for their financial statements.

The Annual Report is subject to a full audit and the Half Report to a limited review.

Social Responsibility

The mission of the Piaggio Group is to generate value for its shareholders, clients and employees by acting as a global player that creates superior quality products, services and solutions for urban and extraurban mobility that respond to evolving needs and lifestyles.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model adopted by Piaggio is based on its mission and the values which have made a name for the Company over the years and which are the cornerstone of the Group's Code of Ethics, established in 2004. The mission and values form the basis for strategic objectives for sustainability, based on contexts that are important for the Group: economic sustainability, product sustainability, environmental sustainability and social sustainability. With these and the strategic objectives it has defined, the Group has prepared a mid/long-term sustainability plan. This plan is reported on in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report with the utmost transparency and with a view to continually improving economic, environmental, social and product performance.

By pursuing a constructive ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders, Piaggio aims to develop an integrated approach to managing the environment it operates in. Careful monitoring of all its stakeholders' expectations is a great opportunity for it to further improve its operations. It is in this context that Piaggio is focussing its efforts: understanding possible areas of improvement in order to provide products that always meet the expectations of its customers, communicating its philosophy and business model clearly and effectively at all times.

Safeguarding and improving the health and safety of workers is integral to the Piaggio Group's operations and strategic within the framework of its more general objectives. In particular, the Group has taken concrete actions for:

  • continual developments for a safer working environment
  • safer behaviour.

Piaggio has always recognised the immense value of the natural resources it uses and has developed production processes designed to reduce water consumption. Structural works performed in the past together with optimised management have enabled water consumption to be minimised, for which it is unlikely that any further, significant reductions can be achieved.

The dealer network in the Group's corporate social responsibility policy represents a key lever for building an enduring relationship based on trust with customers in all our main markets. Dealers are therefore the primary interface for customer engagement and management, alongside the Group's Customer Service.

Dealers are Piaggio's partners, accompanying Piaggio in its success and guaranteeing end customer satisfaction. The instrument used are:

  • Dealer Web Site (represented by a web-based platform for dealer training, information and engagement)
  • Dealer Support Service (for managing technical and sales issues faced by the network).