Why us

Joining our team means embarking on a career path full of opportunities, where innovation and personal growth are at the heart of the work experience.

A cutting-edge reality in the mobility sector

Being a part of the Piaggio team means working with renowned leaders in the world of mobility, contributing to the development of products that improve people’s quality of life in an industry that is rapidly evolving towards new technological horizons.

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Una realtà all’avanguardia nel settore della mobilità
An inclusive and inspiring work environment

We are dedicated to ensuring an open and inclusive work environment, where every voice can be heard. Our culture promotes mutual respect, integrity and transparency, three values we consider essential for creating a climate in which talent can best be expressed.

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Un ambiente di lavoro inclusivo e stimolante
Lifelong training and professional growth  

Our philosophy places significant emphasis on the professional enrichment of our teams. Thanks to advanced training programs that cover everything from managerial development to workplace safety, every day we invest in the potential of our employees by offering personalised coaching, participation in strategic projects at an international level and job rotation opportunities to enhance and develop internal talent.

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Formazione continua e crescita professionale
International experience

The opportunity to gain work experience abroad is one of our greatest strengths and allows collaborators to immerse themselves in new cultures, develop their professional skills and contribute to the global growth of the Group.

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Esperienze internazionali