IR Policy

Piaggio believes that financial communication plays a fundamentally important role in building a relationship of trust with market operators and the business community.

By means of its Investor Relations office, the Company constantly communicates with institutional and individual investors as well as with financial analysts, ensuring transparent, timely and accurate information in order to foster a correct assessment of the value of the Company and its assets.

The Company holds numerous direct meetings with the financial community, ranging from the participation in road shows on the main financial markets, annual analyst and investor meetings, quarterly conference calls to present the financial results to site visits, and one-on-one meetings and daily contact with analysts and investors.

The Company's website is also constantly and promptly updated with all information involving the Group as well as the most significant corporate documentation in English and Italian. The website publishes the press releases issued to the market, the Company's periodic accounting documentation, the Corporate Social Responsibility Report, economic and financial data, the material distributed during meetings held with the financial community and the documentation related to Corporate Governance (articles of association, internal dealing, material related to shareholders' meetings).