Human resources strategy

Our employees are core to our organization, and we ensure they are respected and protected in all Group companies.

Recruitment and internal mobility

We seek to attract and retain people with the best skills for our business. We also encourage internal mobility to make the most of competencies available, speed up professional development and favour intercultural exchange.

Selezione e mobilità interna
Performance management & development

Importance is placed on using transparent criteria and methods used for evaluating employees. Such reviews focus on:

  • performance
  • managerial and professional competencies
  • potential

linked to role covered, company needs and possible development paths.

We promote our employees’ development and maintain a pool of resources ready to cover key managerial and professional positions.

Valutazione e sviluppo

We promote competency development core to our business by providing training opportunities for all roles, seniorities, job families, and employees keen to improve their skills within the context of evolving business and corporate culture.


We reward people’s contribution on the basis of competitive, fair and merit-based criteria which aim at motivating and retaining our best performers.

Diversity and equal opportunities

Piaggio rejects any form of discrimination and operates in strict compliance with law and contractual requirement, and in keeping with the customs, practices and usages of each country where the company operates.

Piaggio operates globally with a diversity of employees, in terms of age and gender, in Asia, the Americas and Europe. To Piaggio, managing diversity means acknowledging and respecting difference as part of our shared company culture where all employees can benefit from equal opportunities.

For these reasons, human resources management is conducted applying the same principles of merit, fairness and transparency in all the countries in which the Group operates.

Diversità pari opportunità
Code of Ethics

In its relations with staff, regardless of the work they carry out Piaggio respects the principles set forth by the Group’s Code of Ethics in all circumstances, as well as the laws in force in the countries where it operates.

Piaggio does not resort to child labour according to the age limits in force in the various countries or to forced labour and adheres to main international laws, such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the 1998 Human Rights Act.

Codice etico