The ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting is convened once a year at least for the approval of the financial statement within 120 days starting from the end of the fiscal year. The ordinary and extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting is also convened every time the Board of Directors deems it advisable or in the cases expressly provided by law.

Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

 14 April 2021, at 11.00am (first call),  15 April 2021, at 11.00am (second call)

Notices and forms

Notice General Meeting

Proxy form novies

Proxy form undecies

Deposit of Directors’ Reports

Proposta di candidatura per la carica di Amministratore presentata da IMMSI S.p.A. (Italian version)

Summary report of the voting results on agenda of the Shareholders’ Meeting


Explanatory Memoradum Appointment of the Board of Directors

Explanatory Memoradum Appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Explanatory memorandum financial statements

Explanatory Memorandum Report on Remuneration Policy and Compensation Paid

Report on remuneration policy and compensation paid

Report on Corporate Governance and Corporate Ownership

Piaggio CSR Report 2020

Financial statements 2020

Explanatory memorandum authorisation to purchase and use treasury shares

Proposte di deliberazione del socio Immsi (italian version)

List 1 of Board of Directors (italian version)

List 2 of Board of Directors (italian version)

List 3 of Board of Directors (italian version)

List 1 Statutory Board (italian version)

List 2 Statutory Board (italian version)

List 3 Statutory Board (italian version)

Domande e risposte soci - n.1 (Italian version)

Domande e risposte soci - n.2 (Italian version)

Domande e risposte soci - n.3 (Italian version)

Summary Report of the voting results (italian version)

Verbale assemblea degli azionisti (italian version)

Rules for the Shareholders’ Meeting

The Company has not adopted a document containing the rules of proceeding for Shareholders’ Meetings which, therefore, are regulated by the legal provisions and the by-laws articles of the Company.

Who is entitled to intervene

Shareholders and other persons with rights to vote may intervene at the shareholders' meeting. Each Shareholder entitled to take part to a Shareholders’ Meeting may appoint a proxy to attend and vote on his behalf, by written proxy statement, in accordance with legal regulations.

Notice of call and information concerning the Shareholders’ Meeting

The Shareholders’ Meetings are convened – within the time period prescribed by current legal regulations – by notice published in the daily newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore” stating the date, time and venue of the first call and any subsequent ones, as well as the items of the agenda. The relevant agenda is fixed by those who have the right to convene a meeting by law and the by-laws. The Shareholders’ Meeting, ordinary or extraordinary, is held at the Company’s registered head office or any other venue indicated in the notice of meeting, provided that such place be located within the national boundaries. The Shareholders’ Meeting may be held by videoconference, provided that the participants are able to follow the discussion of the matters presented and participate in real time and the principles of bona fide and Shareholders parity of treatment are complied with. The Shareholders’ Meeting is chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors who directs the meeting and ensures the best conditions for its orderly and effective conduct. In the conduct of the meeting and in the preparation of the minutes the Chairman shall be assisted by a Secretary, appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting by the majority of votes of those attending. The Chairman may ask to a Notary Public to act as Secretary.

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