VESPA - The empty space

Freedom from the limits of time and space. This is the origin of Vespa.

This is where “the empty space” originated, the boundless space of Vespa beyond the confines of time. A “non-place” that embodies the timeless values of the brand ever since its debut, values that have revolutionized our way of moving and thinking.

An unmapped space – it’s up to you to draw your own map, as you go off to discover new uncharted territories.

“No Plans. No Maps. Just Ride”: the freedom of movement that Vespa has celebrated every day for nearly the past eighty years on roads all over the world.

Beyond the horizon and the seasons, this space designed by Vespa has generated its first new world: a Summer Edit custom designed for exploration, beyond time and space. Beyond barriers. A creative exploration of the human spirit. 

Michele Colaninno, CEO of Gruppo Piaggio:

“Every day is a new journey. It brings to mind a ceaseless quest for new destinations and new worlds. This is my desire: give a future to the things we create. I like to hope we will continue to look one another in the eye and that we won’t isolate ourselves in total digital silence. It is important to kindle emotions. Joy, memories, delusions, and triumphs: these are enduring emotions that stay with us wherever we go. It’s difficult today, but not impossible. I am sure we will succeed because Vespa has always been the symbol of a new start. Vespa is more today than it was yesterday, always creating new ideas.”

Exclusive interpretations. Classic clothing with distinctive character. Italian know-how in the ongoing dialogue between hi-tech innovation and artisanal mastery, and evident to the touch in fabrics. Soft, nuanced tones suggest open landscapes and boundless plains whose horizons beckon us to discover them. 

A Summer Edit, anthem to fearless self-expression, without limits. Only those who dare push themselves too far will discover just how far they can go. Adventures galore, and a wealth of stories in the photos of Johnny Dufort, British master of “undone glamour”, an artist of digital photos with a surrealistic tone, raw yet always all too human. Dufort has produced a unique and unmistakable campaign: on horseback or on a Vespa, in a natural setting or in the city, models interpret the Summer Edit clothing in a spirit of total freedom.

A new style, exactly as Vespa has represented it since it debuted: newly born, newly unveiled, delivered to dealers on open-sided lorries so that all could admire its revolutionary lines.

A style also manifested in one of Vespa’s most appropriate settings: the seaside. Thus one of Italy’s most iconic beaches, emanating luxury and class, welcomes the first Vespa By The Sea. In a creative takeover, Vespa dresses up the beach of Paraggi in its timeless style and yen for freedom, expressing its boundless zest for life. This is the second expression of Vespa, aiming to fill another “empty space” in this continually expanding universe of new experiences. 

The final destination in this “empty space”? Not a specific place, but a new way of being. A new way of seeing the world. Because the world of Vespa is a place of ceaseless discovery, a world that is constantly evolving. The challenge of embracing a special freedom. Also in how one dresses. Even on a seaside terrace.

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