Grand finale for the 2017 Milano -Taranto

Since 1987 vintage motorcycle owners have met up in July for this extraordinary race, which passes through some of Italy's loveliest places.

Every mile, every bend and every landscape recall the adventurous spirit and love of travel of the old road races, and transmit the excitement of the competition to all concerned: riders, staff and the two-wheeler lovers who wait along the route to watch the “Milano-Taranto” go by.

The Milano-Taranto is an opportunity to create lasting friendships: every year the participants meet up in Milan to share an exploration of a lesser-known Italy and a love of motorcycles, for a sole purpose… the satisfaction of riding into Taranto on the saddle of your own two-wheeler!

The “MI-TA” is an historical re-enactment of the longest, toughest and most enthralling motorcycle marathon organised on a competitive basis until 1956. The roll of honour includes a series of Moto Guzzi 500 bikes (ridden by Carlo Fumagalli, Terzo Bandini, Omobono Tenni, Guglielmo Sandri, Guido Cerato, Guido Leoni, Bruno Francisci, Duilio Agostani) and the Gilera motorcycles of Giordano Aldrighetti, Ettore Villa, Piero Carissoni, and the 4-cylinder Gilera of Bruno Francisci.

Since then, the Milano-Taranto re-enactment has been going from success to success for more than thirty years: an adventure in six stages covering almost two thousand kilometres along B-roads, to discover Italy's charms. The event is open to vintage motorcycles of various makes and models (from the 1920s to the 1970s), including scooters and sidecars. This year sees 230 vehicles taking part, ridden by bikers from all over Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia, with a significant turnout of fascinating vintage Vespa, Moto Guzzi and Gilera two-wheelers.