Exploring the new frontiers of design

What is it?

  • A design laboratory
  • A privileged point of observation
  • A trends and evolutions research centre
  • An asset for all the Piaggio Group product lines


What does it do?

  • It studies the mobility of the future, alternative and ecological mobility, zero-emissions drives
  • It designs new solutions capable of changing the idea of motion itself
  • It experiments with innovative design methods
  • It carries out research on materials


Why in Pasadena?

  • Because the city is an exceptional window into the changes taking place in terms of society, lifestyle and forms of urban and metropolitan mobility
  • Because in Pasadena there is a high probability of encountering the most cutting-edge stylistic trends
  • Because it is the site of Universities and Research Centres with which to establish collaboration relationships
  • Because it is a place with a distinctly innovative character, an area where ideas are transformed into products
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