Key actions

The Piaggio Group focused on four fundamental areas

The Piaggio Group focuses its R&D activities on developing innovative solutions to reduce the emission of pollutants and to increase the safety, reliability and recyclability of its products. Constant focus is placed on research into vehicles that are at the cutting edge in terms of:

  • Ecology: products that can cut the emissions of pollutant gases and CO2 in urban and extra-urban areas; this result is achieved both through the evolution of traditional engine technologies (increasingly advanced internal combustion engines) and through the development of innovative engine solutions such as electric propulsion and range extenders, in order to increase the use of renewable and sustainable energy sources;
  • Reliability and safety: vehicles that allow a growing number of people to get about town easily, while contributing to ease traffic congestion and ensuring high levels of active, passive and preventive safety;
  • Recyclability: products that reduce the environmental impact at the end of their life cycle to a minimum;
  • Cost-effectiveness: vehicles with lower running and maintenance costs.
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