The Piaggio Group has been listed on the Italian stock exchange since 2006. This section reports all the main information concerning Piaggio stock.



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Share Key Figures

Official price per share 12.402.341.592.311.832.752.702.8742.804
Low 21.932.1041.391.451.6871.7011.382.682.044
Number of shares 1 363,674,880361,208,380361,208,380358,153,644358,153,644358,153,644358,153,644358,153,644358,153,644
Market capitalisation 3million  € 873840574.10827.58654.17984.2965.61,029.31,004.3
Earnings per share0.0440.0330.0390.0560.1010.1310.0880.1680.239

1) Year end data.
2) Including intra-day values.
3) Number of outstanding shares multiplied by official price at year end.

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