The mission of the Piaggio Group is to generate value for its shareholders, clients and employees by acting as a global player that creates superior quality products, services and solutions for urban and extraurban mobility that respond to evolving needs and lifestyles.

To stand out as a player that contributes to the social and economic growth of the communities in which it operates, considering, in its activities, the need to protect the environment and the collective wellbeing of the community.

To be an Italian global player in the light mobility segment, standing out for its superior design, creativity and tradition. To become a leading European Company with a world class reputation, championing a business model based on the values of quality and tradition, and on the ongoing creation of value.



Customer value

Managing and developing a fast, flexible organisation, in which all processes, persons and external partners (suppliers and dealers) are focused on the generation of value perceivable by the client.

Shareholder value

Achieving objectives for returns on capital investment to meet the expectations of shareholders and ensure ongoing growth.

People value

Nurturing the capabilities and talents of each individual, attracting and retaining the highest value resources.

Brand value

Investing in brand strength as leverage for developing market share and building a unique and distinctive market positioning.

Customer-focused innovation

Developing innovative products that stand out for their unique style, quality, safety, energy efficiency and low environmental impact.


Becoming a truly multinational business in terms of organisation, culture, global market presence and respect for local culture in each of the countries in which the group operates, and in exemplary the way its international human resources are handled.

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