The Board of Directors in office consists in 9 members elected by the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on 14th April 2021 and subsequently integrated with a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on 1 September 2023 with reference to the cooptation of a Director.


Matteo Colaninno
Executive Chairman
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Matteo Colaninno holds a degree in Business & Economics. He has been a director of Piaggio since 2003 and was Deputy Chairman from 2004 to August 2023.
On 1 September 2023, he was appointed Executive Chairman of Piaggio & C. S.p.A..

He is a shareholder, deputy chair and CEO of Omniaholding, director of Omniainvest.

He is Executive Chairman of Immsi S.p.A..

He sits on the advisory board of the Rome Biomedical Campus University Foundation.

He is a member of the management board of the Italy-India association for cooperation between the two countries.

From 2008 to 2022, he was a member of the Italian Parliament, in three legislatures.

He was first elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies in 2008, as head of the electoral list in Milan. He was re-elected in 2013 and 2018.

He served as minister for economic development in the shadow government of the PD (Partito Democratico, Democratic Party), and as a director and head of economic policy in the national secretariat of the PD.

From 2019 to 2022 he was head of the Italia Viva group on the Chamber of Deputies’ European Union Policies Commission.

From 2005 to 2008 he was national chairman of Confindustria young entrepreneurs and was a member of the Confindustria presidency, management committee and board.

He was also deputy chairman of the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs.

From 2001 to 20 February 2008, he was deputy chairman of Banca Popolare di Mantova.

Matteo Colaninno began his career in 1996 in a managerial post at the Sogefi auto components group, where he worked in management control, investments and manufacturing.

Since 1998 he has developed his professional experience working in Omniholding and followed his father Roberto during the period of the Olivetti public tender offer for Telecom Italia.

Over the years, Matteo Colaninno has held directorships in a variety of companies and associations.

Michele Colaninno
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Michele Colaninno was born on 23 November 1976 in Mantua. He holds a degree in Business & Economics from the Catholic University of Milan.

He is Chief Executive Officer of the Piaggio Group, founder and Chair of the US robotics company Piaggio Fast Forward.

Since June 2022, he has also been President of ACEM (Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles), the Brussels-based European motorcycle industry association to which all the world motorcycle and scooter manufacturers belong.

He is Chief Executive Officer of Omniaholding S.p.A., the company that controls Immsi S.p.A., an industrial holding listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (IMS.MI) with interests in finance, real estate and manufacturing, which reported 2022 turnover of more than 2.1 billion euro.

Michele Colaninno is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Immsi Group, which controls the Piaggio Group and also holds investments in a number of important Italian industrial groups.

In 2017, Michele Colaninno delivered a lecture to the Harvard University I-Lab on the impact of robotic technologies and artificial intelligence on daily life, linking the new innovations to the Piaggio Group Design Thinking process.

Federica Savasi
Indipendent Director
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Born in Mantua on 22 May 1975, she graduated with honours in 1999 in Law at the University of Parma, with a thesis on corporate law, with which she obtained a scholarship from the Enasarco Foundation.

She started her professional career in the same year at the Colombo and Associates law firm in Mantua, mainly focusing on bankruptcy law.

From 2001 to 2004 she continued her professional experience at the Genoese and Associates law firm in Mantua, focussing mainly on corporate law litigation.

In 2004 she joined the Legal and Corporate Department of Immsi S.p.A., the holding of over 40 operating companies in the real estate, industrial and naval sectors which, in particular, controls the Piaggio Group and the Intermarine Group.

In 2007 she became Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs of the same, mainly focussing on relations with supervisory and market management authorities, corporate governance and regulatory compliance issues regarding the holding company (relating to regulation of market abuse, regulation of transactions with related parties and corporate disclosures), as well as extraordinary transactions of the Immsi Group. She supports the activities of the Board of Directors and its internal committees, overseeing and managing corporate compliance and disclosures of the Immsi Group.

She is member of the Board of Directors of Is Molas S.p.A.

Carlo Zanetti
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Graziano Gianmichele Visentin
Indipendent Director
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Graduated in Law at the University of Pavia and in Science of Economic and Financial Safety at University Tor Vergata of Rome.

Accountant, tax consultant and legal auditor.

Teacher of Tributary Law and International Tributary Law at University Ca’ Foscari of Venice and Professor at the Scuola Superiore dell’Economia e delle Finanze – “Ezio Vanoni” – Ministry of Economy and Finance – Department of Tributary Science.

He matured important experience as chairman, board member, member of the board of auditors and general manager of companies (banking, insurance, sim, sgr, financial, commercial and industrial) some of which listed on the Stock Exchange (Premafin Finanziaria; Fondiaria SAI; Milano Assicurazioni; Alleanza Assicurazioni; Stefanel; Gruppo Coin; Alerion; Ascopiave; Marcolin; Roncadin; Richard Ginori 1735; Industria e Innovazione, Indesit Company ecc.).

Current main assignments as board member: Alerion Clean Power (l), Stefanel (l), Industria e Innovazione (l), Veneto Banca, 21 Investimenti SGR, Fedrigoni, as well as statutory auditor of the following companies: Compagnia Aerea Italiana, Alitalia Loyalty, Alitalia Cityliner, Air One, Indesit Company, Eurostazioni, Fabrica, Hines Italia SGR, Quadrivio SGR and Istituto Europeo di Oncologia.

Other roles formerly fulfilled as statutory auditor: Coin, Oviesse, Upim, Ina Assitalia, Sasa Assicurazioni, Credit Agricole Vita, Novara Vita, BPM Vita, Diadora, Alitalia and Banca Sai.

Patrizia Albano
Indipendent Director
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Rita Ciccone
Indipendent Director
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Micaela Vescia
Indipendent Director
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Andrea Formica
Indipendent Director
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1981-1985   Degree in Economics   University of Siena

1987-1988  Master in Business Administration SDA Bocconi, Milan


1986-1987  Assistant to Managing Director  Benetton UK Ltd, London

1/89-1/90 Zone Manager, Sales Ford Italia, Rome

2/90-6/90 Car Programs Coordinator, Marketing  Ford Italia

7/90-3/91 District Manager, Sales Ford Italia

4/91-2/92 Director, Marketing  Ford Italia

3/92-3/93 Director, Small Cars, Marketing   Ford Europe, Brentwood (UK)

4/93-1/97 General Manager, Sales & Marketing   Ford Italia

2/97-12/97 Managing Director Ford Italia

1/98-6/99 Director, Marketing  Ford Britain, Brentwood (UK)

7/99-5/02 Chairman & Managing Director Ford Italia

6/02-12/06 Vice President, Sales & Marketing  Toyota Motor Europe, Brussels

1/07-8/10 Senior Vice President, Product Planning & Communications, Logistics, Sales & Marketing Toyota Motor Europe

9/10-9/11 Chief Executive Officer, Fiat brand and Fiat Group Automobiles, Turin

Commercial Director, Fiat Group

2012- Senior Advisor    FutureBrand, Milan

Consultant  Grow srl, Rome

2018 CEO Cefla sc.




CEO Cefla sc.


Senior Advisor, FutureBrand (Interpublic Group), Milan

Independent Consultant, Automotive sector, Rome


CEO, Fiat brand, FGA , Turin

P&L responsibility, Fiat brand (excl North, South America)

Head of Sales for all brands (Europe, Japan, Private Importers), Fleet, Owned Dealers

Member of the Board, FGA Capital (today FCA Bank)


Senior Vice President, Toyota Motor Europe, Brussels

Member of Executive Committee

Head of Sales & Marketing, Product Planning & Communications, Logistics

Member of the Board, Toyota France, Toyota Spain, Toyota Germany  

Winner, Eurostars Award 2007, Automotive News Europe

2002-2006  Vice President, Toyota Motor Europe, Brussels

Head of Sales & Marketing, After Sales

Supervision of Toyota flagship store, Champs-Elysées, Paris

Member of  Steering Committee, Global Knowledge Center, Torrance, CA (USA)



Chairman & Managing Director, Ford Italia, Rome

P&L responsibility of the Italian branch

Member of Global Marketing Board, Ford Motor Company

Winner, Manager of The Year, 2001, InterAuto News   

Role of the Board

The Board has a central role in connection with corporate organisation and is responsible for the functions and strategic guidelines, as well as the verification of the existence of the necessary controls to monitor the performance of the Issuer and Group companies of which it is the Parent Company.

The Board has all powers for the management of the company and for this purpose can approve or execute all actions considered necessary or useful for the implementation of the objects of the company with the exception of those reserved by law and by the Articles of Association for the Shareholders' Meeting.

In addition, the Board examines and approves the strategic, industrial and financial plans of the Issuer and of the Group of which it is the Parent Company, the corporate governance system and the structure of the Group of which it is the Parent Company.


  • The Company is administered by a Board of Directors comprising at least 7 and no more than 15 directors
  • Board Directors are appointed by the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting based on lists submitted by Shareholders
  • The term of the office shall not exceed three financial years


Persons who have gained at least three years experience in the following may be appointed as directors of the company:

a) administration and supervision activities, i.e. senior management tasks in joint stock companies with share capital of at least two million EUR; or

b) professional activities or university teaching in legal, economic, financial and technical-scientific fields strictly related to Company operations; or

c) managerial functions with public bodies or the public administration sector operating in the credit, financial or insurance fields, or in any case in fields which are strictly related to the company operations.

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