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Technology developed for Racing operations

Aprilia RS GP23

The technology developed for Racing operations allows us to test solutions to apply to our products, continuously perfecting performance, safety and user friendliness.

An ideal laboratory for key goals such as performance optimisation even in terms of containing consumption and therefore reducing pollution: fundamental drivers for achieving our goals of growth and for improving the quality of life in large metropolitan areas.

Aprilia Racing technological know-how applied to street bikes

On Aprilia street bikes like the RSV4 and the Tuono, advanced electronics systems are applied for engine management and bike dynamics management.

APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) is the well known dynamic control suite derived directly from the winning technology in world Superbike, the most complete and refined of those currently available on the market. A dynamic controls platform that includes ATC (Aprilia Traction Control), adjustable on the fly (without having to release the throttle) to 8 settings thanks to a practical joystick on the left side of the semi-handlebar, with extremely fine tuned operating logic; AWC (Aprilia Wheelie Control), adjustable to three settings for maximum performance optimisation; ALC (Aprilia Launch Control), for use on the track only, with 3 settings; AQS (Aprilia Quick Shift), a system for extremely fast gear changes without shutting the throttle and using the clutch.

The APRC system integrates perfectly with fine electronic multimap full Ride-by-wire management of the powerful Aprilia V4 engine, managed by “total” electronics, extremely compact and exceptionally lightweight. Full Ride by Wire technology eliminates any direct connection between the throttle grip and the throttle valves, which are entirely controlled by a latest generation Marelli control unit that also controls the ignition and the four injectors. Each bank is fuelled by two throttle bodies managed by a dedicated servo unit.

Technological research and a passion for innovation in the Aprilia camp have led to the development of “Race ABS”, an extremely advanced wheel anti-locking system designed to guarantee not only extreme safety on the road, but also to improve performance on the track. The 9MP ABS unit represents the top of the line in currently available refinement and technology: the system, weighing in at just 2 kg, can be disengaged and adjusted to 3 settings by easily accessing the control menu on the sophisticated instrument cluster:

  • Level 1: dedicated to the track (but also approved for street use), it acts on both wheels and guarantees maximum possible performance, even in the most intense braking situations at any speed. It takes nothing away from the pleasure and performance o
  • Level 2: dedicated to sport riding on the road, with this setting the system acts on both wheels and is combined with an anti-tipping system (RLM - Rear Lift-up Mitigation) which acts progressively based on the vehicle speed.
  • Level 3: dedicated to riding on surfaces with poor grip, it acts on both wheels and is combined with the advanced tip over system.

Each of the 3 setting levels for Race ABS can be combined with any one of the 3 engine maps to allow riders with varying experience and skill levels to find the best possible combination

Scheda tecnica

With V4-MP, on the other hand, telemetry arrives, a window to the future which lays the foundation for a new way of looking at communication on two wheels. This is an innovative multimedia platform capable of connecting the vehicle to your smartphone, acting as the link between the vehicle and the Internet, thereby transforming your smartphone into a semi-professional instrument with exceptional information capacity, a real and sophisticated multifunctional on board computer (an exclusive from the Piaggio Group).

Communication between vehicle and smartphone becomes active: from your smartphone you can change the settings on your bike, as well as receive tips in real time on how to improve your performance on the track in complete safety.

Some of the more prominent features of V4-MP inclu

  • Active electronic setup: this is as close as you can get to the “corner-by-corner” electronic management used in racing. Using the GPS feature of your smartphone, the system recognises the position of the bike at any given time on the track and automatically changes the electronic adjustments (traction control and anti-wheelie), based on the settings the rider has selected, corner by corner. This allows you to increase safety and effectiveness on the track, adjusting the control parameters at every point on the circuit and without distractions.
  • Adaptive race assistant: this feature provides tips in real time to safely take the best advantage of your RSV4. The application compares rider performance to the best lap on the track in real time and assists by immediately indicating how to gradually improve performance.
  • Advanced telemetry dashboard: this is a “virtual” dashboard that lets you use your smartphone's display to see, not only all the information on the standard instrument cluster, but also numerous other parameters acquired by the bike's telemetry such as, for example: instant power sent to the driveshaft; instant torque sent to the driveshaft; percentage of available power; drive to the rear wheel; rear wheel slippage; longitudinal and lateral acceleration (G-G diagram); lean angle.
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