Vespa and Sean Wotherspoon announce partnership between one of the most creative and influential young designers and the iconic brand for style on two wheels

Sep 06 2019 09:22
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A capsule collection and a limited Vespa edition for spring/summer 2020, to be presented at the Eicma show in november 2019

Michele Colaninno: “The first in a series of collaborations to create closer ties for our brands with the world of design and fashion and the latest us trends”

Los Angeles (USA), 6 September 2019Sean Wotherspoon and Vespa have announced a partnership to create a new style: bold, irreverent and fun, for those who express a unique and youthful spirit in and beyond the metropolitan environment.

The Piaggio Group has always had a keen eye for the ever-changing tastes, trends, and experiences that motivate and inspire today’s generations. It keeps a special focus on the United States, where fashions are often born and spread to the rest of the world. Here, and more precisely in California, it has found the right partner to share and implement innovative ideas.

Sean Wotherspoon is one of the rising stars of youth fashion in the USA. Pure energy, unstoppable and curious; a forerunner, an experimenter, a fanatic of street culture and of everything it can encompass.

Instagram is the world through which he communicates and shares his passion, and his almost one million followers adore him.

As the Nike Air Max 97 sneakers that made him famous testify, Wotherspoon plays with colors, mixing them together and adding innovative and sometimes unlikely materials together with the most disparate fabrics.

Promoting this culture of color is today the mission of Sean Wotherspoon and the endeavor with Vespa seemed the most natural thing in the world. The idea that immediately fascinated the designer starts from a "vintage" soul perfectly revisited in a contemporary key, as the DNA of the Vespa brand demands.

The partnership aims to create around the brand a community of individuals who want to have fun not only with personal fashion tastes, but also, and above all, by making style and carefree enjoyment their primary colors on the streets. No brand outside of Vespa could interpret this challenge better and more consistently.

So Wotherspoon will define the aesthetic standards of a special and limited-edition Vespa Primavera further complimented with a dedicated helmet and an exclusive streetwear capsule collection.

The first results of this creative process will be presented in November 2019 at EICMA in Milan, with the collection, that is already exciting Vespa enthusiasts and fans of Sean Wotherspoon, being released globally in Spring 2020.

Sean Wotherspoon did not hide his enthusiasm about the partnership: “Based on their immense history and heritage I’m beyond excited to start work with Vespa/Piaggio. I’m going to dig as deep as possible to help re-create these memories and re-imagine them through my lens to share with everyone! This is going to be insane! Stay tuned!”

“We are delighted to begin working with Sean,” said Michele Colaninno. “He is one of the most gifted and creative designers in the USA. We immediately struck up a great rapport and there is no question that something spectacular will come out of this. And it could only happen here in California, where the new trends that influence lifestyles across the world originate. This is only the beginning of a series of collaborations starting soon that will bring Vespa and our other fantastic brands like Moto Guzzi and Aprilia into ever greater contact with the world of design and fashion, where they naturally belong.”

About Sean Wotherspoon

In 2013, Sean along with two friends opened Round Two in Richmond, Virginia, a store destined to become legendary in a matter of months. Today, there are Round Two stores in all the leading US cities. The passion for sneakers and sportswear of the past decades, the love for creativity and color that characterized the 80s and 90s and then a revolutionary and irrepressible creative verve are the basis of a global success that led Sean to collaborate first with Nike and then with giants like Disney, Prince, Lacoste and Galleries Lafayette.

About Vespa

It was 1946 when Vespa made its debut on the roads of a Europe devastated by the recent conflict but, equally, full of creativity and a desire for renewal. After seventy-three years of history and over eighteen million scooters, Vespa is a global reference for style, elegance and technology. A brand known and loved all over the world that, with more than one and a half million vehicles produced in the last decade, is experiencing one of the most fortunate and dynamic periods in its story.

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