Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd. launches the new Ape Xtra Dlx model

Mar 09 2015 11:15
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Pune, 9 March, 2015 – Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd. (PVPL) has announced the new Ape Xtra Dlx model, a launch confirming its commitment to anticipating customers’ changing needs.

While PVPL has already been marketing this vehicle successfully for some years, the new Ape Xtra Dlx presents a series of enhancements in style and functionality, while continuing to offer exceptional reliability, fuel efficiency and comfort.

The changes introduced by PVPL on this successful three-wheeeled vehicle reflect the evolving expectations of modern drivers. The Ape Xtra Dlx sheet metal body provides strength and stylish lines, together with a smart dashboard, new headlamps and new handlebar switch.

The Ape Xtra Dlx also features a new paint treatment for added gloss and better colour retention, as well as higher rust prevention, thus ensuring an even longer life for the vehicle. The initial response of customers to these eagerly awaited changes has been excellent.

Simultaneously with the introduction of the new Ape Xtra Dlx, Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd. during the month of February has limited production and sales of the previous model, in order to reduce dealer stocks of the older vehicle and guarantee a significant flow of the new model to the market. With this product launch, the company is confident of achieving an important increase in its sales and market share during the coming months.


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