Piaggio launches Wi-Bike

May 26 2016 14:21
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At once an evolved form of mobility and an extremely advanced fitness tool


Milan, 26 May 2016 - In Milan, Piaggio introduced the Wi-Bike, an absolutely innovative vehicle which is at once an evolved mobility solution, something to enjoy in your leisure time and an extremely advanced fitness too.. Wi-Bike was entirely designed, developed and manufactured in the Piaggio Group plants in Italy.

Piaggio Wi-Bike goes beyond the concept of an electrically assisted-pedal bicycle and approaches the market as a vehicle that interprets the most progressive mobility needs at 360 degrees, no longer intended simply as the ability to move about, but also as the presence and sharing of information over the most modern network and interaction forms with your vehicle.

Thanks to PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform) technology, using a smartphone the Wi-Bike has an ultra advanced man-mechanical vehicle interface and guarantees constant data sharing with the world, giving you with the opportunity to interact from any location and with any environment in its physical, social and experience dimension.

Italian style 


The elegantly sport design that sets Wi-Bike apart is the result of the Centro Stile Piaggio which worked to combine the best and most distinctive Italian design with functionality and operating convenience.

Modern style, refined solutions and simplicity are the keywords that inspired the Piaggio Group designers in their work.

The result takes shape in a frame made entirely from aluminium with strong sporty characteristics (that includes a shock absorbed fork, also made from aluminium) available in several versions, beginning with the classic male and unisex pair. Piaggio Wi-Bike is available with four different equipment packages: Comfort, Comfort Plus, Active and Active Plus. Different configurations for any need that range from adopting a traditional nine-speed mechanical drive up to the highly advanced variable speed drive available both in the mechanical and electronic action versions.


The electric heart 


The beating heart of the Piaggio Wi-Bike is an electric drive unit entirely designed, developed and built by the Piaggio Group. Despite the fact that the drive can develop an amazing 350W of maximum power, it is limited to 250W (and 25 km/h maximum speed) in order to fully comply with the regulation that governs pedal-assisted bicycles. This means that the Piaggio Wi-Bike needs neither a registration plate nor the use of a helmet and it can access bicycle lanes and limited traffic areas. The 400 Wh ion and lithium battery is elegantly housed in correspondence to the vertical pipe and provides particularly long range, between 60 and 120 kilometres depending on the operating mode and conditions.


Piaggio Wi-Bike, thanks to its technology, also stands out because of its high level of security: the dashboard control units, batteries and electric motors are connected by a unique code that is given to the customer at the time of purchase. The three units can work only if connected and dialoguing with one another: for example, removing the display (which operates as a electronic key) when parking renders the Wi-Bike effectively unusable, and a replacement display can only be ordered using the personal code.

An advanced fitness tool 


Thanks to the possibility of varying the motor contribution, Piaggio Wi-Bike is a true fitness machine where the cyclist can set his or her physical effort (for example, 100W of effort and a determined frequency of pedalling) leaving the motor free to increase or decrease its contribution based on the altimetric variations in order to comply with the set parameters which are consistent with the training program that the rider wants to achieve. The sport cyclist can carry out his or her training programme, keeping the “fatigue” high along the route; in urban commuting, on the other hand, you can choose not to exceed a maximum fatigue threshold for health reasons, or simply so that you won't work up a sweat on your way to work.

Piaggio Wi-Bike, with its wide range of accessories for personalisation, is already available at your local Piaggio dealership with prices starting from €2,899.


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