Piaggio Group: two wheelers, market share rise in August

Sep 01 2010 17:12
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Pontedera, 1 September 2010 – In August, the Piaggio Group's share in the Italian two wheeler market boosted to 34.5% when compared to 32.8% in August 2009.

According to the data published today by Confindustria Ancma, the Group was particularly successful last month in the scooter market, reaching a 41.1% total share (+ 2.3 percentage points when compared to August 2009).

The Piaggio Group's share in the 50cc scooter market was definitely higher than last year’s (54.3% when compared to 48.9% in August 2009), with three models of the Group becoming the top three best selling scooters in this market segment (Piaggio Liberty, Scarabeo 50 and Vespa LX). As for plated scooters, the market has reacted very positively to the Group's new products in the over 50cc scooter market, where the new Piaggio Beverly 300 was ranked as the top best seller in August.

In the motorcycle market, the Piaggio Group’s share boosted to 8.8% in August (+ 1.4 percentage points when compared to the same month last year) thanks to the brands Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Derbi; in particular, the over 50cc motorcycle market shows a positive trend: the Group's share in August 2010 reached 7.4% when compared to 6.5% in August 2009.

Among the most successful ranges of vehicles in the Italian market, the Piaggio Group presented in August no less than 5 product families that were ranked among the top ten, best selling, over 50cc scooters: Piaggio Beverly, Piaggio Liberty, Vespa GTS, Scarabeo and Vespa LX.


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