Piaggio Group: memorandum of understanding with Pontedera unions for resumption of production

Apr 17 2020 17:48
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Pontedera 17 April 2020 – The Piaggio Group signed a memorandum of understanding today with the unions setting out guidelines and measures to be implemented to guarantee maximum health protection for workers on the resumption of production operations at the Pontedera factory, which are currently suspended due to the Covid-19 virus.

The measures in the memorandum are based on the decrees issued by the Italian government to block the spread of Covid-19, supplemented with the additional health precautions already introduced by the Piaggio Group to ensure employee safety.

Specifically, important sanitisation and cleaning activities have been organised in all workplaces, to be performed both before work resumes and once operations are underway.

All factory and office workers will be issued at regular intervals with a special personal protection equipment kit, including masks, gloves and, where necessary, goggles, and sanitising gel dispensers will be installed.

Piaggio will guarantee full circulation to all workers of an information package illustrating the rules and measures to be applied on company premises, including distancing in the canteens, procedures for managing meetings, behaviour guidelines for visitors and suppliers, and information from medical professionals on the management of possible Covid-19 symptoms and preventive action to be taken in an emergency.

Piaggio will continue to measure workers’ body temperature, a procedure outsourced to specialist firms, and use of thermal scanners will be gradually introduced.

Work will be organised to take account of both health and production requirements. Special solutions will be introduced to ensure social distancing during working hours, at factory entrances and exits, in the canteen and in common areas.

Compatibly with technical and organisational needs, use of smart working is planned for specific activities and for individuals affected by particular pathologies, based on a medical assessment.

Suppliers will be asked to implement similar procedures and to provide self-certification guaranteeing compliance with the rules set out in the memorandum.

The measures envisaged in the memorandum will be monitored and checked by the committee formed as indicated in the agreement signed by the Italian Government and worker representatives on 14 March 2020.

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