To North Cape … by Quargo!

Aug 28 2016 11:37

For his 50th years anniversary, a traveller decided to face one of the most challenging and exciting experience of all his life: get to North Cape aboard of a Quargo.

An unusual task for such a vehicle which has proved itself up to such a challenge, driving in a really unique itinerary through landscapes of extraordinary beauty.

He is Stefano Barabino, an adventurous salesman from Serravalle (TV), who to celebrate his 50 years decided to embark on a long journey to North Cape by his Quargo. With the help of his wife, an architect, and a friend, an ingeneer, Barabino designed and built a compact living cell, measuring 195 cm length x 135 cm width x 150 cm height, made of Scandinavian fir wood. The folding roof was realized in waterproof fabric to grant the needed protection from the likely severe weather conditions.
The journey to North Cape took 29 days, reaching 13 countries and taking four ferries, for a total distance of 8320 kilometers.
The average fuel consumption of Quargo was approximately 16.5 km per liter of diesel and it took 1 kg of engine oil for regular maintenance.
A trip full of emotions, of breathtaking landscapes and new acquaintances which represents a priceless memory for the adventurous Barabino.

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