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May 21 2014 14:56
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Nuova gamma Scarabeo 50 e 100cc

The Scarabeo was created in 1993 as a vehicle destined to leave an indelible mark on the world of high-wheeled scooters. Aprilia had an ambitious goal: to create a “citybike”, in other words, a perfect scooter for primarily urban use. The guidelines for the project were clear: Scarabeo – taking its name from a distant ancestor, a small 50 cc motocross bike that Aprilia created in 1970 – would have to stand out for its lightweight nature, easy ride, handling and low operating costs. On the other hand, however, it would need to have a design that would stand the test of time and overcome the laws of evolution that require constant updating in terms of form and mechanics which mark the inevitable and early ageing of the common two-wheeled vehicle. The Scarabeo project proved to be on the mark straight away: it immediately enjoyed a resounding success which continues to this day thanks to the remarkable ability of this scooter to transcend fads and fashions while remaining the benchmark for the segment. Flagship and best seller in the high wheeled scooter segment – with more than 750,000 units produced from 1993 to the present – Scarabeo has always proven itself to be a unique vehicle, capable of evolving over time to adapt to the changing needs of the market. A truly transversal vehicle, able to meet any urban mobility needs, whether female or male, youthful or more mature, thanks in part to the exceptional availability of engine sizes: in fact, Scarabeo has been manufactured over time with more than ten different engines combined with three body types (small, medium and large), depending on the engine capacity.

The time has come for Scarabeo to evolve even further: introducing three new models, two 50 cc two and four stroke and a 100 cc 4-stroke.

New style, new finishings 

Scarabeo is completely new but in no way whatsoever does it betray the unique style and personality that made it one of the great classics of mobility for young riders.

It is a scooter with unmistakeable and iconic style that has always attracted young people from different generations, transcending passing fads. This is the privilege of few objects that are able to rise above the phenomenon of trends to become true classics. The new style of the Scarabeo is decidedly "neo vintage", because it has the ability to recall absolutely classic styling, reinterpreting it with a modern twist.

In defining the style and design extreme attention was placed on the elements based on the various versions in order to have different variations of the vehicle whilst maintaining uniformity and extraordinary stylistic coherence. This is why Scarabeo is still true to itself and maintains its unmistakeable personality even though it is available in different versions with different engines.

The truly distinctive mark of the Scarabeo, the one that has characterised it since it first appeared on the scene, is the oval design that resumes its role as protagonist in this new look, reinterpreted in a more modern key. The oval marks the mask, re-establishing its prominence on the sides, increasing in proportion - and therefore its emphasis - on the general aesthetics of the Scarabeo. Even the lights recall this characteristic Scarabeo shape, contributing to its strong characterisation.

The oval theme was also implemented in defining the wheel rim style which has increased its impact on the overall aesthetics of the Scarabeo due to the increase in size and the peculiarity of the design - five spokes for the 50 2T version and seven spokes for the 4T engines - which once again use the oval as a decisive aesthetic element.

The Scarabeo “small body”, in all three engine versions, therefore benefits from a common and profound aesthetic restyling. The plastics have been completely redesigned with new shapes and new graphics. The front shield is also new, now elegantly colour coded to match the saddle; the front mudguard has brand new and more modern traits, whereas the front and rear light clusters have been completely redesigned, the latter with LED technology on all three models. The 16 inch wheel rims are also new, shod with wider tyres, as well as the instrument panel with different graphics.

New Scarabeo 50 2T

This is the Scarabeo range entry level, but it lacks for nothing in terms of the materials and technology implemented for the chassis.

The Scarabeo 50 2T line benefits from the numerous skilful retouches, in common with the other two models as well, which contribute to keeping it modern without altering that oval design that made it popular all over the world. It also has brand new and youthful Scarabeo graphics on the side panels. It also stands out with some “total black” finish parts such as the new luggage carrier, the mirrors, the 5 spoke wheel rims, the redesigned saddle (enhanced by an elegant white line finish) and the framed instrument panel with more youthful graphics. Scarabeo 50 2T is factory wired for installation of the convenient USB port – available separately in the rich catalogue full of dedicated optional equipment – inside the leg shield back plate compartment.

Thanks to its single cradle sturdy frame in high strength steel tubing, Scarabeo 50 2T ensures class leading agility and unrivalled stability. The suspension components are high quality, for tackling even the worst city street with ease. At the front is a telescopic hydraulic fork, with 28 mm stanchions and a remarkable 78 millimetres of wheel travel, while the rear suspension boasts a sturdy hydraulic shock absorber with a wheel travel of 74 mm. The new 5 spoke wheel rims are shod with wider tyres, respectively 90/80-16 on the front and 100/80-16 on the rear, improving safety and road holding. The braking system guarantees limited stopping distances, aided by the extremely lightweight nature of the vehicle. There is a 220 mm disc brake on the front, while the rear drum is 140 mm in diameter. Scarabeo 50 2T is powered by a latest generation two stroke engine with forced air cooling and a catalytic converter making it both simple and clean. Brilliant performance, fuel economy and ultra-low emissions make Scarabeo 50 2T the perfect anti-traffic weapon.

New Scarabeo 50 4T 4V

Scarabeo became an “instant classic” immediately, a one of a kind product that has evolved to stay ahead of its rivals without losing touch with its original identity. The new Scarabeo 50 4T 4V has received the same aesthetic restyling as the other two “small body” models, but it is characterised by its comfortable divided saddle which is available in beige or black (depending on the body colour), its small but precious standard windshield and its aluminium finished details such as the luggage carrier and the 7 spoke wheel rims with wider tyres (the same as the other two models): respectively 90/80-16 on the front and 100/80-16 on the rear). The frame around its instrument panel with its brand new graphics, on the other hand, is chromium plated. It is also factory wired for installation of the USB port inside the compartment in the leg shield back plate.

New technologies have made the engines increasingly cleaner and more efficient over the years. Scarabeo 50 4T 4V has a technological, powerful and refined core. This tiny engineering gem employs state of the art solutions to deliver class leading power. With 3.2 kW (4.35 HP) it is the most powerful 50 4 stroke on the market. Four valve timing and the fluid dynamic efficiency of the head have resulted in excellent benefits in terms of engine speed and performance, which are now on a par with a two stroke engine. Scarabeo 50 4T 4V confirms the chassis from the 2T version. The sturdy frame in high strength steel tubing offers outstanding agility and stability on bumpy road surfaces, as well as boasting excellent torsional rigidity, which also benefits the vehicle's handling. The 28 mm diameter hydraulic telescopic front fork allows an impressive 81.5 mm of stroke, offering excellent bump absorbing capabilities. Comfort and precision on the Scarabeo are also guaranteed by the rear suspension, equipped with a sturdy hydraulic shock absorber. The braking system is also absolutely up to the task, with a 220 mm front brake disc combined with a floating calliper with a 30 mm piston and a large diameter rear drum brake.

New Scarabeo 100 4T

Scarabeo 100 4T is the perfect complement to the Scarabeo “small body” family, an unbeatable product obtained from a recipe for success that boasts numerous attempts to imitate it. Simple, reassuring and timeless lines, extremely easy to ride and a flat footrest: Scarabeo 100 4T offers an unsurpassed quality/price/performance ratio.

Its restyling made Scarabeo 100 4T more modern and complete whilst preserving the overall unique traits which made it the most popular high-wheeled scooter of all time. Its design is now enhanced by numerous elegant chromium plated parts such as the mirrors, the taillight frame and the instrument cluster with redesigned graphics and the badge on the front shield. It comes standard with the small but precious windscreen as well as the USB port in the leg shield back plate compartment. The standard factory equipment is completed by the LED front daylight running light and the new, colour coded top box which includes a backrest, elegantly padded in a colour to match the saddle. The shape of the muffler and exhaust guards has also been revamped.

Thanks to its sturdy frame in high strength steel tubing, Scarabeo 100 4T is able to ensure class leading agility and reassuring stability. Thanks to its 78 millimetre wheel travel, the hydraulic telescopic fork is capable of absorbing even the hardest bumps city streets have to offer. On the Scarabeo, comfort and precision come together in perfect harmony. Credit for this also goes to the rear suspension, equipped with a solid adjustable hydraulic shock absorber with a stroke of 81.5 mm. The particularly lightweight wheel rims optimise the ride and are now fitted with wider tyres (90/80-16 on the front and 100/80-16 on the rear). The braking system guarantees safe riding. The 220 mm front disc brake adopts a floating calliper with a 30 mm piston, while the rear drum brake has a diameter of 140 mm.

The extremely reduced overall weight of the Scarabeo 100 4T (comparable to a 50 cc), allows the 96 cc single cylinder forced air cooled engine to get off the line extremely quickly, letting you zip through traffic easily and dynamically while keeping fuel consumption and operating costs very low, even lower than a common 125 cc. 

Youthful colour range

As always, the Scarabeo colour range is full of young and sparkling youthful tones.

Scarabeo 50 2T is available in azzurro Like, nero App, bianco Cult and rosa Share.

Scarabeo 50 4T 4V and Scarabeo 100 4T are available in the bianco Cult, nero Competition, marrone Etna and blu Oceano colour schemes.

A comprehensive range of accessories

There are plenty of options to personalise your Scarabeo, available from the catalogue filled with accessories designed and created specifically for the new range:

  • New concept top box: available for Scarabeo 50 2T with a capacity of 28 litres
  • Luggage carrier: available for Scarabeo 50 2T, it replaces the factory luggage carrier to allow installation of the new concept top box
  • Embossed top box: available for Scarabeo 50 4T 4V, it boasts a cargo capacity of 30 litres, even able to hold a flip-up helmet.
  • Top box plate: available for Scarabeo 50 4T 4V, this interface is required for installation of the embossed top box on the factory luggage carrier
  • Top box cover: embossed top box cover, colour coded to match the body (can be installed with or without passenger backrest).
  • Top box backrest: to complete the embossed top box, this padded passenger backrest is available in a colour to match the saddle.
  • Passenger footpeg kit: dedicated to the Scarabeo 50 4T 4V, allows transport of passengers.
  • Luxury passenger footpeg kit: dedicated to the Scarabeo 50 4T 4V, these are better refined and equipped with rubber shock absorbing protective material.
  • Windscreen: made in Altuglass EL50, it is impact resistant, as well as resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents and provides protection from the wind for riders of any height. The support rods are treated with black cataphoresis in order to guarantee long life. Available for the entire new Scarabeo range.
  • Top fairing: dedicated to the Scarabeo 50 2T and Scarabeo 50 4T 4V, this is made in Lexan and deflects the air flow from the rider's body. The fixing bushings are made of steel.
  • Hand warmers: made in waterproof nylon and synthetic fur interior lining, these are an indispensable accessory for riding carefree in the winter. They are personalised with the Scarabeo logo and have reflective strips. Available for the entire new Scarabeo range.
  • Leg cover: another practical and very useful accessory to combat the cold and rain. It is made in waterproof nylon and synthetic fur interior lining. Personalised with the Scarabeo logo. The structure was designed to eliminate flapping as you ride. Available for the entire new Scarabeo range.
  • Vehicle cover: to protect the scooter and its accessories from atmospheric conditions, dust and scratches. Scarabeo Logo. Available for the entire new Scarabeo range.
  • Electronic anti-theft system: guarantees indispensable security against theft. Includes two wireless remote controls. Available for the entire new Scarabeo range.
  • Electronic anti-theft system wiring: required for installation of the electronic anti-theft system. Available for the entire new Scarabeo range.
  • Scarabeo tattoo: this is a range of adhesive decals with various graphic themes that can be applied on the shield, the side panels and the mudguards so you can give your Scarabeo an even more youthful and trendy personalised look. Available for the entire new Scarabeo range.

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