“Do you Vespa?” - Vespa lovers all over the world have a new home where they can share their Vespa experiences

Dec 09 2014 13:54
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The official community for lovers of the most popular scooter in the world is now at DOYOUVESPA.COM.

Vespa Lovers

Milan, 9 December 2014 - Anyone who loves Vespa is a “non-follower”, an original person who blazes his or her own trail, even when it goes in the opposite direction as everyone else. Like Vespa which has always dictated trends and strong universal values.

For Vespa Lovers all over the world the “Do You Vespa?” community is now at www.doyouvespa.com, where they can share their unique stories about friendships, travel and freedom.

Every Vespa lover is an original person with a great character who makes their own path, fully capable of choosing their own direction. Vespa riders are full of stories to be told and shared and “Do You Vespa?” is intended precisely for them, an official community where Vespa Lovers from all over the world can tell about themselves and their life experiences. This is a continuously evolving place where, in addition to encouraging participation with a game playing mechanism, it will continue to grow over time with new features in order to provide visibility and unite Vespa riders from all over the world more and more.

The DOYOUVESPA.COM space invites the creation of posters or strips that provide a graphic style representation or a short story. Thanks to graphic models, images, titles and quotes which are available online to create posters or strips, each user can unleash his or her creativity and bring stories to life where images and words tell of their love for Vespa, leading to continuously new and original tales to share with other Vespa Lovers.

Vespa Lovers

Participating and having other members of the community like and share your content will also earn you Vespa Miles which, when accumulated, can be used to obtain badges, rewards and access to higher levels of visibility in the community. The best content will also be taken from the community to other Vespa social areas to gain further notoriety and to be appreciated - and shared even more - by the Vespa population all over the world.

In almost seventy years of history, and with more than 18 million units sold throughout the five continents, Vespa has exceeded every limit, every language and cultural barrier, and has united entire generations of guys and girls around a common passion. Vespa has become the top global mobility brand with strong universal values such as friendship, freedom, elegance, style, love and respect for others and for the environment. Vespa has interacted with social environments which were far apart from one another, generating various cultural phenomena, particular to the situations in which it artfully integrated until becoming a protagonist and distinctive trait. It has led revolutions in terms of customs, music and youth, becoming a well known and beloved icon in every corner of the globe.



Vespa Lovers

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