Aprilia RSV4 triumphs at the Open Endurance European Championship

Sep 27 2017 16:39
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The Aprilia Grebenstein team secures decisive victory in the Oschersleben 6 hours

Aprilia RSV4 triumphs at the Open Endurance European Championship

Two years after winning the rider and manufacturer titles in the Fim Cup Superstock 1000, the extraordinary italian V4 adds another important trophy to its unrivalled sports record

Noale, 27 September 2017 – Another important trophy has been added to the long list of successes for the Aprilia RSV4, winner of seven world SBK championship titles (three riders and four manufacturers) and star of one of the most triumphant racing careers ever for a bike based on a standard production model, flanked by an outstanding story as a mass-produced motorcycle.

Two years after its double win in the FIM Cup Superstock 1000 with the rider and manufacturer titles, the extraordinary Italian V4, ridden by the Aprilia Grebenstein team, has achieved victory in the FIM Open Endurance European Championship.

Riding an RSV4 RF, the German team of Ralph Uhlig, Oliver Skach, Andreas and Jurgen Scheffel secured a decisive win on Sunday 23 September in the Oschersleben 6 Hours, the third and final race of the championship, which was preceded by the Magny-Cours 12 Hours and the Dijon 6 Hours, seeing off the competition from such powerful teams as Yamaha Viltais Experience, Sky Motos Vitesse (Yamaha) and BW77 Endurance (Kawasaki).

This latest success adds further glory to the exceptional racing career of the Aprilia RSV4 and stems from the technical leadership of the standard production model, a leadership continually confirmed by the bike’s victories in the comparative tests conducted by the world’s leading motorcycling magazines in Europe, America and Asia.


Aprilia RSV4 triumphs at the Open Endurance European Championship

Launched in 2009, the Aprilia RSV4 made a powerful debut on the international stage. The road model surprised world reviewers, who talked openly about the most extraordinary sports model ever to appear on the market.

In 2010, during its second racing season, the RSV4 made a clean sweep at the WSBK by winning the two world titles, Rider and Manufacturer, with Max Biaggi in the saddle. This was the start of a long series of victories: Biaggi – the first Italian rider to win the World Superbike championship – captured the Rider title again in 2012 and the RSV4 was the victor of the Manufacturer title in 2012 and 2013.

2014 saw the third Rider title with Sylvain Guintoli and the fourth Manufacturer title – the third consecutive victory – confirming the bike’s undisputed technical superiority.

The RSV4 continued its stunning racing career. From 2012 to 2014, the ART version, based on the RSV4 SBK, competed in the MotoGP seasons ridden by Aleix Espargaró, winning eleventh place (in 2012) and twelfth place (in 2013) in the general scoreboard and proving to be the best bike in the new CRT class. In 2015 the version most similar to the road model, the Superstock, won the category title with Lorenzo Savadori, while the most powerful version, a one-litre V4 with pneumatic valves took the Aprilia brand back to MotoGP. That was the year when the Noale manufacturer made its official return to the top world motor-racing championship, with a prototype representing the cutting edge of the RSV4 project, based on a 65° V-4 cylinder engine. 

Aprilia RSV4 triumphs at the Open Endurance European Championship

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