Announcing Wide, the Piaggio Group magazine

Apr 20 2010 16:13
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Green economy, technology and design in the first issue.

Wide is the new publishing venture of the Piaggio Group. An innovative, stylish, quarterly magazine, published, as its name suggests, in a large, easy-to-read format, Wide reports on a world without borders: a world where the great challenges of sustainable mobility and protection of the environment, technological innovation and a better quality of life are questions of immediate concern for the future in every corner of the globe, from Europe to Asia and the USA.

The new magazine, which opens with an editorial by Piaggio Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Roberto Colaninno, is edited by Francesco Delzio, head of Group external and institutional relations.

In addition to Group employees around the world, Wide targets an audience including the institutional and financial communities, the media, and the dealers and devotees of Piaggio’s high-profile brands.

Printed on eco-friendly paper, Wide is a bilingual magazine in Italian and English, with a press run of more than 10,000 copies for distribution in more than 20 countries.

Each issue will be devoted to a global challenge, the core values involved and the approach adopted by the Piaggio Group. The first issue – “Renewable cities” – examines environmental sustainability and green mobility. Starting with the results of the "European Green City Index", Wide reports on the sustainable mobility strategies being planned for the next few years by the mayors of Barcelona, Milan and Rome, interviewed by the magazine. Meanwhile, Piaggio Group managers in China, India and the USA describe the growth of a new environmental awareness in major regions of the planet.

Another key theme is industrial design and innovative styling, with interviews with the Group’s top motorbike and scooter designers. The first issue also features coverage of sport and motor racing with an interview with Max Biaggi, who is marking up an impressive series of wins in the Superbike world championship with the Aprilia Alitalia team and the revolutionary 4-cylinder RSV4.

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