Letter from the Chairman

Lettera del presidente

This is a period full of changes and mobility is now one of the most critical and complex elements that will undoubtedly shape the world’s future.

In this race, hectic at times, it is necessary for companies to base their roots on three basic pillars for a credible and sustainable development: innovation, people and curiosity.

They are the pillars upon which the Piaggio Group is built and which support the Group companies and departments devoted to research and development (such as the Italians offices in Pontedera and the PADc - Piaggio Advance Design Center in Pasadena), to the testing of development platform), the study of innovative solutions that can anticipate and respond to the mobility needs of the future (such as Piaggio Fast Forward in Boston).

These drivers are clear to us and guide us in the pursuit of the main objective of the Piaggio Group, namely to meet the most progressive mobility needs, while reducing the environmental impact of our vehicles and ensuring excellent performance for our Customers.

Thus, in 2016 extraordinary products were launched on the market, such as the Piaggio Wi-Bike, a pedalassist e-bike entirely designed, developed and produced within the Group. The interpretation of mobility in the future, which will be totally integrated into and connected with mobile devices, efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Furthermore, last June we presented a prestigious partnership between the Piaggio Group and the international charity (RED), which has led to the development of (Vespa 946) RED which, through a percentage of its sale proceeds, supports the Global Fund activities to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. It is the meeting of two prestigious, world-renowned brands that join in the battle for a world where no child will be born with HIV.

In a world that is becoming more and more complex, there are issues that an international group like ours cannot ignore, and which we have to address in order to contribute to the responsible growth of the global economy and do our part in safeguarding the future well-being. The risks arising from pollution and climate change are two fundamental issues in our sector that have helped us become more aware of the way to go.

In 2016, we therefore introduced the new i-Get motors that further reduce fuel consumption and emissions while increasing performance; we also announced the launch of a project that embodies a technological and cultural challenge: Electric Vespa.

The Piaggio Group thus intends to honour its historical roots by developing a Vespa that will once again change the concept of mobility. We have always been a pioneer in electrical power units, a tradition that dates back to the mid-70s, and we have launched the first and most popular of hybrid scooters. Now it’s time to make a major evolutionary step and 2017 will be critical to our growth.

It is not a coincidence that we started 2017 presenting the first projects developed by Piaggio Fast Forward, Gita and Kilo, autonomous and smart vehicles, designed to assist people in their daily lives of tomorrow.

Indeed, our industrial and intellectual development is always focused on Consumers, their needs and their quality of life.

Indeed, one of the Piaggio Group’s priority is to better understand and anticipate our end user needs and expectations. This one of the reasons we have developed a new global Customer Relationship Management platform that can follow the consumer in the pre- and post-purchase phases; in addition, we have promoted our Motoplex dealership model in every world market (as of today, over 200 of them have been inaugurated in four continents). In any part of the globe, this model places the customer at the center of a premium environment, technologically-oriented, fun and easy-going, surrounded by our brands and products.

A year of growth, challenges and satisfactions, that was made possible especially by the men and women who make up our group and every day help us build our successes with passion, professionalism and pride.
A unique heritage, the most important resource for the future of this company.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Roberto Colaninno


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