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1st  quarter 2017
30 March The Piaggio Group announced that in recent months it had launched the production of 2-, 3- and 4-wheeler vehicles that comply with the new emissions regulation, Bharat Stage IV, which took effect on 1 April. press release
1 March Effective from 1 March 2017, Simone Montanari replaced Gabriele Galli as CFO who left the Group after a cycle lasting more than a decade during which he contributed to the achievement of major goals with his experience and expertise.  
2 February The Piaggio Group presented GITA and KILO - the first projects developed by Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF), an advanced US research centre for future mobility, established and controlled by Piaggio - in Boston, just a stone's throw from Harvard and the MIT. Through its centre, the Group is exploring the world of mobility and thinking about its future, expanding its vision to technological solutions that are far wider-ranging than its current core business.
GITA is an autonomous, intelligent vehicle, designed to assist people. It can transport up to 18 kg, and observes and communicates. It can follow a person, reaching 35km/h and can move autonomously in a mapped environment. Its round shape and clean lines are a part of its personality.
KILO is the “big brother” of GITA; thanks to its larger payload, it is able to carry up to 100 kg in weight in its 120-litre load area. It is incredibly stable thanks to the 3-wheel support.
GITA and KILO are revolutionary because they can assist people in their activities when out and about on a daily basis, increasing the radius of action and limited load capacities of human beings. In fact the KILO and GITA have been designed as a platform for mobility, and can be customised and integrated to meet different needs in multiple scenarios.
19 January The consolidation of the Piaggio Group multibrand store distribution network, launched just two years ago, continued at a buoyant pace. In just a few months, thanks to the distribution network's involvement in the project, the Group opened 60 new sales outlets and ended 2016 achieving the important goal of 200 Motoplex centres opened worldwide - in Europe, the Americas, Oceania, Asia and on the Indian sub-continent, which will flank the traditional distribution network.
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4th  quarter 2016
30 December Piaggio & C. S.p.A. signed two medium-term, unsecured bilateral loan agreements for a total of 45 million euros with Banca Popolare di Milano and Banca del Mezzogiorno-Mediocredito Centrale in December. press release
10 October In line with its plan to consolidate and expand operations on South American markets, the Piaggio Group has started to sell the Ape, its renowned three-wheeler, in Mexico, with the new Ape City and Ape Romanza models, for passenger transport. press release
    3rd  quarter 2016
11 August The Piaggio Group further expanded the distribution network in India and Asia Pacific opening 12 new Group multibrand Motoplex stores.
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14 July The Piaggio Group continued its growth on markets that are developing considerably and are characterised by large volumes, with the introduction of the Aprilia brand on the Indian scooter market, thanks to the Aprilia SR 150 sport scooter. press release
7 July The new versions of the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint, with the new Piaggio i-Get engine that meets Euro 4 standards, were unveiled. The vehicles have enhanced features, including an extremely useful USB port and ABS now fitted as standard on all 125cc and 150cc versions. press release
7 July The Piaggio Group signed important agreements to market the Vespa and Piaggio brands in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. press release
2nd  quarter 2016
27 June The Piaggio Group and (RED), the no-profit organisation established in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver, announced the start of a partnership to support fund raising for programmes to fight AIDS. The Piaggio Group will develop a special version of the Vespa, giving 150 USD from each sale to the activities of the Global Fund to fight AIDS.  
16 June The international jury of the XXIV Adi Compasso d’Oro Design Award gave a MENTION OF HONOUR, in the DESIGN FOR MOBILITY category to the VESPA 946 for the following reason: “The Vespa brings the lines that have made it such a famous and loved brand up to date, while also considering the need for sustainability and a low environmental impact”.  
10 June The free floating scooter sharing service was launched in Rome, by Enjoy in partnership with the Piaggio Group and Trenitalia. 300 Piaggio MP3 three-wheeler scooters (300LT Business ABS version) will make up the fleet that can be used in Rome. The vehicles, designed and developed specifically for sharing, are safe, easy and simple to use.  
9 June The subsidiary Piaggio Vietnam signed a medium term loan for VND/000 414,000,000 with VietinBank to support its investments programme.  
18 April The Piaggio Medley was launched on the European market, already introduced on the Vietnamese market on 17 March. Medley combines the benefits of an agile, lightweight vehicle with all the advantages of a high-wheeler scooter, superior in terms of technology, performance, size and weight. Equipped with the highest performing model of Piaggio’s new four-valve liquid-cooled iGet engine, the Medley is available as 125cc and 150cc and equipped with a Start & Stop system.  
1st  quarter 2016
14 March The new Moto Guzzi V9 was launched in Mandello del Lario, the mid-size light custom bike, powered by a new 850cc, 90° V-twin engine with traditional shaft drive.  
2 March The 2016 MotoGP season for Aprilia Racing kicked off in Qatar. For the Italian team, this is a fundamental stage of the project begun in 2015, since the new Aprilia RS-GP is a completely redesigned prototype, developed and built by Aprilia down to the last component, starting with the engine. press release
14 January The new range of state-of-the-art Piaggio iGet engines with the air cooled version made its début on the new Piaggio Liberty. The new Piaggio iGet engines are based on a design philosophy that targets an improved fuel consumption and emissions, plus a better and more advanced quality and reliability.  



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3rd  quarter 2015
3 December The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Piaggio signed a loan agreement for 70 million euros supporting Piaggio Group Research and Development projects that will take place at its Italian sites. The seven-year loan will fund the development of innovative technological, product and process solutions in the areas of active and passive safety, sustainability (including electric engines and reduced consumption in petrol engines) and customer satisfaction, with the study of new mobility concepts, new driver/vehicle interfaces, and communication and web connection profiles. press release
13 November The Moto Guzzi V9 with new 850cc V engine and shaft drive, new chassis and design was unveiled at EICMA, in the V9 Bobber version, with large tyres and the light and easy Roamer version, a custom model with medium engine capacity. press release
13 November The new standard version of the Piaggio Wi-Bike, entirely designed and manufactured by Piaggio in Italy, with four different configurations available, was unveiled at EICMA. press release
13 November The new high-wheeled scooter, the Piaggio Medley, made its début at EICMA, based on a more powerful model, with new liquid cooled Piaggio iGet 125 and 150cc engines, and start&stop function. Slightly bigger than the Liberty, and more compact than the powerful Beverly, the Medley is a new segment from the Piaggio Group targeting a young, often male target, with driving licence. The new generation of the Liberty was also unveiled, Piaggio’s high-wheeled scooter, with a new range of eco-friendly, energy-efficient, electronic injection four stroke engines (Piaggio iGet 50, 125 and 150cc), with ABS fitted as standard on the 125 and 150 versions. press release
30 October The Vespa 946 Emporio Armani was launched in the People’s Republic of China, during a dedicated event in Beijing.
October The Piaggio Group started to sell new versions of the Piaggio Porter featuring the new MultiTech Euro 6 petrol engine, which delivers a better performance, fewer emissions and fuel savings. press release
14 Ocotber The Vespa 946 Emporio Armani made its début in the United States. To mark the occasion, an event was held at the Emporio Armani, SoHo - New York. press release
13 October Piaggio Group Americas, a subsidiary of the Piaggio Group based in New York, opened the Group’s first multi-brand flagship store in America, in Manhattan, in the very heart of the city, on 6, Grand Street, based on the strategic lines of the Motoplex store opening programme. The dealership showcases the Piaggio Group’s most prestigious brands such as Vespa, Piaggio, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi. press release
4 October Lorenzo Savadori riding an Aprilia RSV4 RF won the Superstock 1000 FIM Cup 2015 and Aprilia won the manufacturer’s title. press release
2 October More than one thousand students - with several other thousands in streaming - attended the presentation of Piaggio Fast Forward, the Piaggio Group’s great innovation project. Piaggio Fast Forward ( was created in 2015 as a new company established and controlled by the Piaggio Group, in order to develop a new way of doing research, to interpret signs of change and to come up with intelligent solutions to future problems and needs. Piaggio Fast Forward is located at a centre of excellence: Cambridge (Massachusetts, United States) - a platform where research, the university, visions for the future, technology and businesses all come together and encourage ideas. press release
29 September  Moody’s lowered Piaggio's rating from Ba3 to B1, giving it a stable outlook.  
17 September After its launch in Italy and European countries last June, the Vespa 946 Emporio Armani made its début on leading Asian markets; it will now be available in Japan and will shortly sell in Vietnam and Indonesia, which are strategic markets for Piaggio Group operations in Asia. press release
12 August The Piaggio Group announced the start of Vespa brand business operations in Nepal. Manufactured at Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd.'s Baramati site, the Vespa VX and Vespa S 125cc models will be immediately available in three different showrooms in Kathmandu, owned by D-Lifestyles, a company of the Nepalese group Dev Jyoti, which operates in the consumer goods, IT and energy sectors. press release
15 July The world's first scooter sharing service, with a free floating format, was launched in Milan. The service is provided by the company Enjoy and uses Piaggio Mp3 scooters. To mark the occasion, the Piaggio Group developed a special version of the Mp3 - the 300LT Business ABS - which combines all the new functions of smartphone localisation with a vehicle sharing format. The initial fleet for the scooter sharing initiative launched by Enjoy in the city of Milan comprises a first supply of 150 vehicles.  
8 July Aprilia Racing and Marco Melandri reached an agreement for the amicable termination of Melandri’s contract with Aprilia Racing. Consequently, Marco Melandri stopped riding for Aprilia Racing as from the German Grand Prix of 12 July 2015. press release
2nd  quarter 2015
15 June Piaggio Fast Forward Inc. was set up, owned 100% by Piaggio & C., S.p.A., in order to carry out research into innovative solutions in the mobility and transport sector. It will commence trading in the second half of the year.  
23 April The new composition of share capital of Piaggio & C. S.p.A (fully subscribed and paid up) was registered with the relative Companies Register, following the annulment of 2,466,500 treasury shares without any change to the share capital, resolved by the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of 13 April 2015. Share capital was therefore equal to € 207,613,944.37 and comprises 361,208,380 ordinary shares. press release
21 April The lines at Piaggio Vietnam's Vinh Phuc site produced the 500,000th scooter since the start of operations - a white Vespa Sprint 125 - marking a new milestone in the operations of the Piaggio Group on South East Asian markets.  
15 April

The new Aprilia RSV4 RF and RR and Aprilia Tuono 1100 Factory and RR were unveiled.

press release
13 April

The Board of Directors of Piaggio & C. S.p.A., which met after the Shareholders' Meeting, made the following appointments: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Roberto Colaninno, Deputy Chairman Matteo Colaninno.

The Board of Directors also evaluated the eligibility of the Directors Giuseppe Tesauro, Graziano Gianmichele Visentin, Maria Chiara Carrozza, Vito Varvaro and Andrea Formica as regards the requirements of independence established by article 148, paragraph 3 of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 58/1998, article 3 of the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies and article 37 of the Regulation on Markets, and pursuant to this article, also considered the composition of the board, which comprises a majority of independent directors, as appropriate.

The Board of Directors also passed resolutions concerning corporate governance, appointing:

- the independent Director Giuseppe Tesauro as Lead Independent Director;

- the Directors Giuseppe Tesauro (Chairman), Maria Chiara Carrozza and Gianmichele Visentin as members of the Appointment Proposals Committee;

- the Directors Giuseppe Tesauro (Chairman), Vito Varvaro and Gianmichele Visentin as members of the Related Party Transactions Committee;

- the Directors Giuseppe Tesauro (Chairman), Vito Varvaro and Gianmichele Visentin as members of the Remuneration Committee;

- the Directors Gianmichele Visentin (Chairman), Giuseppe Tesauro and Vito Varvaro as members of the Internal Control and Risk Management Committee.

The Board of Directors, following the proposal of the Chairman Roberto Colaninno in a capacity as Internal Control and Risk Management Officer, confirmed, subject to the opinion of the Internal Control and Risk Management Committee and of the Board of Statutory Auditors, Maurizio Strozzi, the Chief Executive Officer of Immsi Audit S.c.a.r.l., as Internal Audit function officer. The Board also confirmed Antonino Parisi (Chairman), Ulisse Spada and Giovanni Barbara as members of the Supervisory Body pursuant to the Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 for the 2015-2017 period.

13 April The Shareholders' Meeting of Piaggio & C. S.p.A. resolved the distribution of a dividend of 7.2 eurocents per ordinary share and the annulment of 2,466,500 portfolio treasury shares.  press release
13 April The Shareholders' Meeting of Piaggio & C. S.p.A. appointed as Directors: Roberto Colaninno, Matteo Colaninno, Michele Colaninno, Giuseppe Tesauro (independent director), Graziano Gianmichele Visentin (independent director), Maria Chiara Carrozza (independent director), Federica Savasi, Vito Varvaro (independent director), all elected from the majority list, submitted by IMMSI S.p.A., and Andrea Formica (independent director), elected from the minority list which is not related, even indirectly, with shareholders holding a majority share in the Company. The Meeting of Shareholders also appointed the Board of Statutory Auditors, comprising: Piera Vitali (Chairman), from the minority list; Giovanni Barbara and Daniele Girelli, from the majority list submitted by IMMSI S.p.A., as Statutory Auditors; Elena Fornara, from the majority list submitted by IMMSI S.p.A., and Giovanni Naccarato, from the minority list, as Alternate Auditors.  press release
1st quarter 2015
31 March Piaggio & C. S.p.A. signed a document with ING Bank NV to access 30 million euros relative to a five-year 220 million loan formalised with a pool of banks in July 2014. With this document, of which the amount will be made available in early April 2015, the syndicated loan has reached the maximum amount foreseen of 250 million euros.  
9 March

The Indian subsidiary Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd. announced the launch of its new commercial vehicle, the Ape Xtra Dlx.

press release
5 March

Presentation of the Aprilia 2015 sporting season. In 2015, Aprilia will be participating in the MotoGP championships with the riders Alvaro Bautista and Marco Melandri, in the Superbike championships with the riders Leon Haslam and Jordi Torres and in the Superstock championships with the riders Kevin Calia and Lorenzo Savadori. As regards Aprilia's involvement in MotoGP, a first year will be spent entirely on development, above all in race conditions, before a prototype motorbike with a Full Factory configuration makes its début on the track in 2016.

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4th quarter 2014
2 November Sylvain Guintoli on an Aprilia RSV4 became the 2014 World Superbike Champion and for the third year running, Aprilia won the Superbike World Championship Manufacturer's title. press release
2 October 

Standard and Poor’s lowered Piaggio's rating from BB- to B+, giving it a stable outlook.

3rd  quarter 2014
12 September

Aprilia officially announced its participation in the MotoGp class of the World Championships. The Aprilia brand will return to premium world class racing in the 2015 season, one year ahead of the plans already presented.

press release
4 August

 Moody's changed its outlook for Piaggio from negative to stable, confirming the Ba3 rating.


16 July

Piaggio & C. S.p.A. signed a five-year, € 220 million credit facility with a pool of banks. The amount may be increased up to € 250 million, with the initial amount of € 220 million undersigned by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, HSBC, Intesa Sanpaolo, Mediobanca and Unicredit in a capacity as mandated lead arranger and bookrunner.

The main aim of this operation is to refinance the € 200 million revolving loan maturing in December 2015 and provide financial support necessary for the international growth mapped in the 2014-2017 strategic plan.

The credit facility consists of a revolving portion amounting to € 175 million and a term loan amortising portion, amounting to € 75 million.

The financial conditions of this credit facility are better than the refinanced revolving loan: besides a reduction in the cost of borrowing, the new credit facility will make it possible to improve the Piaggio Group's financial debt quality profile, increasing its financial flexibility and above all average residual life.

press release
25 June

The Piaggio Museum at Pontedera was awarded a “2014 Certificate of Excellence" by “TripAdvisor”, based on its high ranking (4.5 out of 5) awarded by visitors to the site that publishes user reviews of resorts, hotels, tourist destinations, package holidays and trips (

16 June At the same time as the opening of Motoplex, the Piaggio Group's first concept store in Mantua, the Vespa World Days event was held, bringing together more than 10,000 Vespas and thousands of fans from 32 different countries. press release
9 June

Following the exercise of the call option relative to the debenture loan issued on 1 December 2009, called “Piaggio & C. S.p.a. € 150 million 7% Senior Notes due 2016”, Piaggio & C. S.p.A. reimbursed at the price of 103.50% the remaining portion of the aforesaid loan (equal to approximately € 42 million), after the finalisation of the exchange offer launched on 7 April.

2nd  quarter 2014 
22 April
The new Vespa GTS, also available in a GTS Super sports version with 125 and 300 cc engines, was launched in Tuscany. This is the largest and most powerful Vespa scooter ever produced, and features an ASR electronic traction control system (a world exclusive and technological first from the Piaggio Group) and an ABS braking system
press release
16 April

Piaggio & C. S.p.A. successfully completed the placement of an unsecured, non-convertible, high-yield senior debenture loan, amounting to € 250 million with a 7-year duration, an annual interest rate of 4.625%, semi-annual fixed coupon and issue price equal to 100%. The debenture loan will make it possible to optimise debt, in particular extending average maturity (from 2.4 to over 4 years), reducing the average cost of funding and increasing the debt component raised on capital markets.

press release
15 April
The new Mechanical Factory was opened at the Piaggio industry park in Pontedera, to house high-precision machining operations on scooter and motorcycle components for the entire Group. The production facility covers a total surface area of approximately 7,500 m2, of which 5,500 indoors, and performs high-precision machining on sumps, crankcases and other engine and chassis components, with a workforce of around 90 people. Most of these people were hired by the Piaggio Group in 2011, after its former supplier Tecnocontrol went bankrupt.
14 April
The Piaggio Concept Store Mantova S.r.l. company was established, owned 100% by Piaggio & C., S.p.A. Its corporate purpose is to market two-, three- and four-wheel vehicles and related spare parts and accessories, to provide repair and technical support services, and motorcycle services. The new company also sells clothing, food and beverages.
14 April

The new Moto Guzzi V7 range was launched in the historic Moto Guzzi factory in Mandello del Lario. The range offers three models: Racer, Stone and Special.

1st quarter 2014
19 March Approval of the 2014-2017 Industrial Plan. press release
14 March

Following the completion of the tax assessment which began in 2012 – discussed in more detail in the section “Disputes” - and solely to prevent tax litigation with reference to assessment aspects, that concern contrasting positions with outcomes that are hard to predict, Piaggio & C. S.p.A. considered it appropriate to agree to the settlement proposal made by the Italian Tax Authority that will involve a financial outflow, only as concerns regional production tax, of €5.1 million, while the overall impact on the income statement is equal to €24.6 million, including the use for the purposes of corporate income tax of previous losses to offset the total sum of the proposals.

24 February

The company Foshan Piaggio Vehicles Technology R&D Co. LTD obtained all necessary authorisations from the local authorities to start the sale of two-wheeler products in China.




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3rd quarter 2013
3 December

The Piaggio Group won the “Transatlantic Award” of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, for its investment in establishing the company Advanced Design Center at Pasadena in California, a world centre of the Group for the development of new solutions for research projects into innovative materials and zero-emission propulsion systems that use alternative energies.

press release
5 November

The ultra-new Vespa Primavera, produced at the Piaggio Group's Pontedera site and at the Vinh Phuc site in Vietnam was unveiled at EICMA, the Milan Motor Show. Featuring a radically new design, entirely new 100% steel body, new dimensions, and an agile yet even more stable and comfortable ride, the Vespa Primavera has been redesigned, with ultra-modern, environmentally friendly, 2- and 4-stroke 50cc, and 3 valve- 4-stroke 125cc and 150cc engines, embodying some of the style and technical solutions that feature on the Vespa 946, the most exclusive and technologically advanced model ever conceived in the history of the Vespa.

press release
20 October

Aprilia won the Manufacturer's title in the 2013 World Superbike Championships, clocking up 5 victories in these championships over the last four years (2 rider's titles and 3 manufacturer's titles), and a total of 52 world titles in just over twenty years of operations.

press release
19 July

Piaggio received AEO-F (Authorised Economic Operator - Full) certification from the Customs' Authorities. Accreditation as an AEO means that Piaggio meets all administrative, financial and customs' requirements, as well as safety standards for the handling of goods to and from abroad, in line with EU regulations on relations between private entities and regulators of international trade.

press release
9 July

In a survey conducted by CNN, the American television network and point of reference for information on a planetary level, for the 2013 World Industrial Design Day, the Vespa was included among the twelve best designs worldwide from the last 100 years.

press release
5 July  The fourth generation Piaggio Liberty made its début, with the new Piaggio 3V engine, available in 125 and 150cc versions. This 4-stroke, electronic injection engine, which is one of the most sophisticated of its kind worldwide, is air cooled and has a single overhead 3 valve cam (2 intake valves and 1 outlet valve); it was designed at the Piaggio Group's research and development centre. The 3 valve technology allows for even better torque and power values compared to previous generation engines and a drastic decrease in fuel consumption: the Liberty 3V 125 can travel at 59 km/l at a speed of 50 km/h, while the Liberty 3V 150 can reach 57 km/l in the same conditions. The seat is entirely new and riders of any height can rest both feet on the ground. The load capacity of the seat compartment has been increased by 23%, from 8.8 to 10.8 litres. press release
3 July  The Group presented the new Ape Calessino 200, with new stylish shades and finishes, fitted with a new Piaggio 200cc, 4 stroke, single cylinder petrol engine, capable of 7.5 KW, with four gears (plus reverse), making the Ape Calessino possible to drive in Italy at 16 years with an A1 licence and at 18 years with a normal B licence.  



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2nd quarter 2013
27 June

A Paris Court acknowledged Piaggio’s copyright to the exterior forms of the Vespa, ordering the company responsible for making imitations to destroy all vehicles on display at the “Salon de Moto et du Scooter” in Paris, and to pay legal fees.

press release
20 June

The Piaggio Group unveiled the new Vespa VX in Bombay, which is produced in India at the Baramati plant, and announced an important programme to expand the Vespa range on the Indian market. Developed specifically for the Indian market, the Vespa VX has evolved from the Vespa LX and flanks the Vespa model currently sold in India; it features even greater comfort, new design elements and a new braking system with front disc brake. The new VX has a 3 valve, 4-stroke 125cc engine purposely developed by the Piaggio Group for the Indian two-wheeler market: the engine is particularly quiet and ecofriendly, with a considerable reduction in gaseous and sound emissions, and one of the world’s lowest fuel consumptions - 60 km on one litre of petrol. The Piaggio Group’s scooter range on the Indian market will expand further in 2013 with the new Vespa S going into production at Baramati. Piaggio Vehicles Private Ltd. (PVPL), the Indian subsidiary wholly owned by the Piaggio Group, is also due to launch the Vespa 946, the stunning scooter that made its début in early June on all European markets.

press release
14 June
Moody’s lowered Piaggio’s rating from Ba2 to Ba3, giving it a stable outlook.  
15 May
 The new Vespa 946, the most exclusive and technologically advanced scooter ever designed, can now be booked on the new site press release
24 april
The National Hospital for Pediatrics of Hanoi and the Paediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù of Rome launched a partnership project to treat over 2,000 Vietnamese children from 0 to 18 years of age; the project was set up with the help of Piaggio Vietnam and is the first in a number of “Vespa for Children” social initiatives, recently announced by the Piaggio Group  press release
9 april
The long-awaited Aprilia Caponord 1200 was presented to the international press - the road enduro bike boasting an exclusive, patented technological content, such as ADD, the semi-active suspension system that can automatically regulate calibration to road surface and driving style.


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1st quarter 2013
15 February
Nacional Motor submitted the "E.R.E.” (Expediente de Regulacion de Empleo - Employment Regulations Plan), after the Group announced its intention to close the Spanish plant and transfer production to Italian sites.


Date Event Further information
4th quarter 2012 
17 December 
The Board of Directors of Piaggio & C. S.p.A. appointed Gabriele Galli, Finance Director, to the position of Chief Financial Officer.
press release
30 November
 Standard & Poor’s reduced its rating from BB to BB- and revised its outlook from Negative to Stable.
28 November
 An agreement was signed with the European Investment Bank for a 60 million loan for research and development projects.
The seven-year loan concerns research and development projects that will take place at the Piaggio Group's Italian sites. Investments planned by Piaggio for 2013-2015 will enable the Group to consolidate R&D with the aim of manufacturing scooters, motorcycles and commercial vehicles that are innovative, environmentally-friendly, safer, more reliable and have lower consumption and pollutant emission levels.
press release
8 October Piaggio Advanced Design Center Copr. was established under Californian law. This company is wholly owned by Piaggio & C. S.p.A. and based in Pasadena, California.  
7 October Max Biaggi riding an Aprilia RSV4 SBK won the Superbike World Championship rider's title, and Aprilia won the World championship manufacturer's title. With this double victory, Aprilia has now won 51 World titles and the Piaggio Group 101 world titles with its Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Gilera and Derbi brands.  
4 October The new RSV4 Factory ABS and new Fly with 50cc and 125cc engines made their début at Intermot, the Cologne Motorshow. The new RSV4 Factory ABS features a state-of-the-art suite of electronic control systems, directly based on Piaggio's experience in the World Superbike Championships. The new Piaggio Fly has an entirely new, sophisticated look, and with its superb handling it offers all the comfort, protection and safety of larger engine models.  
3rd quarter 2012
14 September
 Moodys reviewed its Ba2 rating outlook from stable to negative.  
14 September Production got underway at Baramati (India) of the new Ape City Passenger three-wheeler, with a new 200cc engine entirely developed by Piaggio. The Ape City Passenger is a compact and extremely versatile, practical vehicle, with superb handling in busy city traffic. The 200cc engine will be available in different versions, with petrol, natural gas and LPG options, plus it cuts fuel consumption and pollutant emission levels. press release
7 June The fully restyled range of the new VESPA LX and S3V models made its début. Developed and manufactured at Pontedera, the ultra-technological 4 stroke, 3 valve 125cc and 150cc engines have set new standards with: a mileage of 55 km/litre, and a 30% decrease in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Plus performance has been seriously boosted: the maximum power of the Vespa 125cc has improved by 7.1%, and maximum torque by 10.3%. For the Vespa LX and Vespa S 3V 150cc, maximum power and torque have increased by 6.3 and 7.8% respectively.  
2nd quarter 2012
28 April

Two days after its presentation to the Indian and international press at Bombay, the new Piaggio Group site for manufacturing Vespas for the Indian market at Baramati (State of Maharashtra) was officially inaugurated. The new site will have an initial production capacity of 150,000 vehicles/year, which will be increased to 300,000 vehicles/year in 2013.

press release
13 April

The Meeting of Shareholders resolved to appoint PricewaterhouseCoopers S.p.A. to audit the company's accounts for the 2012-2020 period.

press release
13 April

The Meeting of Shareholders of Piaggio & C. S.p.A. appointed the new Board of Directors that will remain in office for three years until approval of the financial statements as of 31/12/2014.

The Board of Directors will comprise 11 members, taken from the list submitted by the majority shareholder Immsi S.p.A.: Roberto Colaninno, Matteo Colaninno, Michele Colaninno, Andrea Paroli, Livio Corghi, Franco Debenedetti (independent director), Daniele Discepolo (independent director), Mauro Gambaro (independent director), Luca Paravicini Crespi (independent director), Riccardo Varaldo (independent director), Vito Varvaro (independent director).

The Meeting of Shareholders also appointed the Board of Statutory Auditors, comprising: Giovanni Barbara (Chairman), Alessandro Lai and Francesco Arietti as statutory auditors and Mauro Girelli and Elena Fornara as alternate auditors.

The Curricula Vitae of Board Directors and members of the Board of Statutory Auditors are available at, under Governance

press release
11 April

Following the competitive bidding procedure pursuant to article 105-107 of the Italian Bankruptcy Law, a contract of purchase was signed for the company site “Tecnocontrol” situated in Pontedera, for a total value of 11,323,000 euro.

1st quarter 2012
26 March 2012
Production of the new Moto Guzzi V7 range got underway at the Mandello del Lario site.
press release
23 March
With reference to the medium-term revolving loan for 130 million euro undersigned on 29 December 2011 by Piaggio & C. S.p.A., the amount was increased to the maximum value of 200 million Euro, through the participation of Mediobanca and Intesa Sanpaolo.
14 March
The opening of an Advanced Design Center at Pasadena in California (USA) was announced. The centre will work closely with the Piaggio Group's Style Centre, and R&D Centres based in Italy, China, India and Vietnam.
1 March
A new production site for scooter engines was inaugurated at Vinh Phuc in Vietnam. The facility will have an initial production capacity of more than 200,000 engines a year, which will go up to 300,000 as production capacity at the vehicle manufacturing site is stepped up.
press release
3 February
 Piaggio & C. S.p.A. was awarded the contract in the tender called by Poste Italiane S.p.A. at an EU level, with electronic bidding, to establish a framework agreement for the supply of 17,783 mopeds for postal deliveries.
press release
24 January The Group established an organisation based on the geographic areas EMEA and Americas, Asia SEA and India.  
23 January The revolving syndicated loan of 130 million EUR taken out on 29 December 2011 was finalised, as suspension conditions had been met. In particular, the remaining Euro 65 million of a pooled loan, with maturity in August 2012, was paid back in advance, and the early cancellation of a loan of Euro 100 million, undrawn on, with maturity in December 2012, was requested.  
6 January The Vespa for the Indian market was unveiled at the Auto Expo show in Delhi. With a new low emission 60 km/litre engine, the scooter will be manufactured at Piaggio's production facilities in Baramati (India) from March 2012. It will go on sale in 35 major Indian cities from April. Initial production capacity will amount to 150,000 vehicles/year. press release


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4th quarter 2011  
29 December
Taking out of a medium-term revolving loan, for 130 million Euro, with a small pool of international banks. press release
1 December
The 2010 Financial Statements of the Piaggio Group won the Best Financial Reporting Award ("Oscar di Bilancio Società e Grandi Imprese Quotate") in the Listed Companies category. press release
21 November
In the annual survey conducted by KWD Webranking, in association with Lunquist, which rates the corporate web communication of Italy's leading 100 companies in terms of capitalisation, Piaggio ranked 4th overall (5th place in 2010).  
6 November
Nico Terol took the 125cc rider's world championship title riding an Aprilia. Aprilia has consolidated its leadership position as the Italian and European manufacturer with the most wins in Moto World Championships with victories in 294 GPs (151 in the 125cc category and 143 in the 250cc category) and 38 championship titles (19 manufacturer's titles and 19 riders' titles). Aprilia has now won a total of 49 World Championships. press release
27 October
Aprilia won both the manufacturer's title and rider's title in the Supermoto World Championships, thanks to Adrien Chareyre. Aprilia has now won 7 world titles in the Supermoto Championships.  



Date EventFurther information
3rd quarter 2011
19 September Michele Pallottini stepped down from his position as General Manager Finance. press release
18 September Aprilia won the manufacturer's title in the 125 cc category, consolidating its
leadership position as the Italian and European manufacturer with the most wins in Moto World
Championships with victories in 291 GPs (148 in the 125cc category and 143 in the 250cc category) and
37 championship titles (19 manufacturer's titles and 18 riders' titles). Aprilia has now won a total of 46
World Championships.
25 July Piaggio & C. S.p.A. finalised the private placement of Senior Unsecured Notes on the American market (US Private Placement) entirely subscribed by an institutional investor for an amount of 75 USD, with last maturity at 10 years and coupon at 6.50%. The income will be used to refinance the dept, improving the profile by increasing the average maturity and a further differentiation of lenders.  
13 July The Board of Directors authorises the issue of long-term debt securities for a total nominal amount of 75 million USD press release
1 July
Simest sold 12.5% of Piaggio Vietnam to Piaggio & C.. Following this operation, Piaggio Vietnam is held 100% by the Group.  
2nd quarter 2011
30 June The 125cc and 200cc versions of the Scarabeo were restyled and upgraded.  
17 June Production of the Piaggio MP3 reached the 100,000 mark, demonstrating the remarkable success of this revolutionary scooter model.  
7 June the Chairman and CEO of the Piaggio Group, Roberto Colaninno, announced the inception of a new Research Centre at Foshan, China, that will be held 100% by the Piaggio Group and will be involved in developing new engines and new vehicles specifically designed for the needs of Asian markets. The Foshan Research Centre is part of an innovative organisational network model, that will integrate all the Research, Development and Purchasing activities undertaken by the Group at present in Europe, India and China, at a worldwide level. press release
6 April
A new industrial area, situated in the province of Vinh Phuc, near Hanoi, was inaugurated, where the Group's Vietnamese site will be expanded (from the current 26,000 m2 to approximately 50,000 m2). press release
1st quarter 2011
22 March
A new company was established in Indonesia, which will directly sell the Group'svehicles, which have so far been distributed by importers.

16 March
The Vespa PX with a 125cc and 150cc engine and four manual gears, was launched on the market. press release (only italian version)
27 January The  new range of the Piaggio Porter commercial vehicles, with new Euro 5 petrol and diesel engines, was unveiled. press release
25 January
The production site at Vinh Phuc, Vietnam, was awarded ISO 14001:2004 certification (environmental certification).
13 January
Davide Scotti became Manager of Piaggio Product Development and Strategies Management, replacing Maurizio Roman who left the company. press release


DateEventFurther information
4th quarter 2010
23 November
Standard & Poor's rating agency had upgraded its outlook from negative to stable and simultaneously confirmed Piaggio’s ‘BB’ corporate rating. press release
7 November Marc Marquez in sella a Derbi ha conquistato il titolo mondiale piloti nella classe 125 cc., portando a 21 il palmarés di titoli iridati conquistati da “Las Balas Rojas”.  
2 November
EICMA 2010-Piaggio Group presents the new products press release
21 October A decree was issued, scheduled to come into force on 3 November 2010, providing funds amounting to 110 million euros for consumers intending to buy of two-wheelers, as well as other goods indicated in the 9 industrial sectors.  
17 October Derbi is world Manufacturer champion in the 2010 Moto GP 125 Class
press release
3 October
Aprilia won the manufacturer's title in the Superbike championships, taking its total number of titles to 45. press release
3rd quarter 2010
26 September Max Biaggi riding an Aprilia RSV4 SBK took the rider's title in the world Superbike championships.  
23 September The Piaggio Group's 2010-2013 Strategic Plan was presented. The Plan focuses on developing new industrial sites in India and Vietnam, consolidating the Group's commercial presence on Asian markets through new products and creating new technologies for European and American markets. It will also target considerable growth in industrial productivity and more rigourous control procedures. As concerns products, the plan will aim for optimised marketing strategies, significant growth in R&D productivity, new structures for product development centres, the technological development of new engines with a low environmental impact and the industrial production of new diesel engines for the four-wheeler segment. For the two-wheeler business, the Plan will develop a new industrial site in India with the production of scooters and motorcycles from 2012 onwards, and will develop and expand the site in Vietnam. In the Commercial Vehicles division, the Plan will focus on consolidating the Group's leadership position in the three-wheeler segment in India and on developing its product ranges in the fourwheeler segment for the Indian and European markets. press release
22 September Pursuant to article 2386 of the Italian Civil Code, the Board of Directors of Piaggio & C. appointed Andrea Paroli as Board Director. press release
23 July Two medium-term loans were undertaken with IFC-International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank, for a total of 30 million euro. The loans are for the subsidiary Piaggio Vehicles (India) and Piaggio Vietnam, that will use the funds for production investments. press release
2nd quarter 2010
14 June The Piaggio 3-wheeler scooter, the MP3, was officially presented to the Chinese market. press release
3 June The Board of Directors of the Piaggio Group approved the industrial project for the construction of a new plant in India to manufacture a Vespa model specifically developed for the Indian market. The new vehicle is expected to go on sale in 2012. press release
5 May Moody’s confirmed its Ba2 corporate rating of the Parent Company, though it upgraded the outlook from “negative” to “stable”. press release
16 April The General Meeting of Shareholders of Piaggio & C. resolved to increase share capital, against payment and divisibly, for a total maximum nominal amount of € 2,891,410.20, in addition to € 6,673,309.80 as a premium, excluding option rights pursuant to article 2441, paragraphs 5 and 8 of the Italian Civil Code and article 134 of Legislative Decree 58/1998, through the issue of 5,220,000 ordinary shares to be subscribed by 2007-2009 Stock Option Plan beneficiaries. press release
16 April The General Meeting of Shareholders of Piaggio & C, resolved to annul 24,247,007 own shares of the Company (equal to 6.12% of the share capital), with the elimination of the par value of ordinary shares in circulation and without a reduction in the amount of share capital, as motioned by the Board of Directors on 26 February 2010. As from 10 May 2010, following the filing of the resolution in the Register of Companies, the nominal share capital of Piaggio & C., unchanged and equal to € 205,941,272.16, is divided into 371,793,901 ordinary shares. press release
16 April The General Meeting of Shareholders of Piaggio & C, as motioned by the Board of Directors on 26 February 2010, resolved to amend the 2007-2009 Stock Option Plan, to which a maximum of 3,300,000 own shares (0.83% of the share capital) will be allocated. press release
16 April Pursuant to article 2386 of the Italian Civil Code, the General Meeting of Shareholders of Piaggio & C. appointed Livio Corghi as Board Director. press release
6 April A decree approved by the Government Cabinet on 19 March 2010 came into force. This law has allocated a 12 million euro fund for schemes to replace old Euro 0 or Euro 1 mopeds and motorcycles with new Euro 3 models with a maximum engine capacity of 400 cc or maximum po  
1st quarter 2010
1 March An important agreement for technical collaboration was signed with the Chinese company Dongan Power, which is part of the ChangAn-Hafei Group, one of China's leading manufacturers in the automotive industry. The purpose of the agreement is to develop petrol engines for the light commercial vehicles the Group manufactures in Italy and in India, and to focus in the future on technological developments for low/zero environmental impact hybrid and electric engines. press release
The new engine production site in India was inaugurated.  
22 January An agreement was signed with Enel to study mobility and charging needs for company fleets and hybrid scooters, based on joint pilot projects to be developed in a number of Italian cities. press release


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