An association formed to harness and further develop the rich cultural and human heritage as well as the passion which resides in the national Vespa Clubs spread all over the world.

Since 1946 Vespa has been attracting the attention of its users. Initially spontaneously and later organised and assisted by the Parent Company, they started to lay the foundations for Vespa Clubs which we still have. The membership trend and the number of Vespa Clubs in the world and Italy continue to rise.


In 2006, the Piaggio Group and the Piaggio Foundation established the Vespa World Club (VWC), a non-profit association, created to oversee the management of Vespa Clubs, to preserve the fleet of vintage Vespas still in circulation and help collectors find and restore vintage scooters and continue to organise rallies and great races in Europe and all over the world, guaranteeing Vespa owners outstanding-quality events.

In particular the Vespa World Club:

  • promotes initiatives and coordinates social, tourist, sports and competitive events;
  • establishes bodies representing national Vespa Clubs vis-à-vis all national and international organisations;
  • holds trophy events, rallies, competitions, shows, exhibitions, congresses, conferences and meetings;
  • deals with and acts in the interests of members; ››promotes and provides training on road safety and awareness;
  • promotes studies and historical research work on relations between Vespa and the community;
  • provides a channel for the Company to reach fans.

2016 Activities

In 2016, the VWC organised the following events:

  • Vespa World Days (global tourist rally) held in Saint Tropez (France), with more than 4,000 registrations;
  • Vespa Rally European Championship with 4 stages; › Vespa Raid European Championship which was held in Monza;
  • Vespa International Historic Register rally held in Pontedera.
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