The Piaggio Foundation is the forum for businesses, the local dimension and culture.

The Piaggio Foundation is used by Piaggio to maintain a direct relationship with the place where it is a fundamental player, not only at a productive and economic level, but also in terms of its social, cultural and educational value by promoting art, design, society, the language of communication and by disseminating its Company values, such as innovation and creativity, along with "social values" such as ethics, the environment, culture and training.

Fondazione Piaggio

The Piaggio Foundation is a non-profit organisation held jointly by Piaggio and the public sector (50% Piaggio, 25% local authorities of Pontedera, 25% the Province of Pisa) to achieve certain shared objectives, and one of the first instances of such initiatives in Italy.

Founded in 1994, at the request of Giovanni Alberto Agnelli, then Chairman of the Piaggio Group, the Foundation is a forum for businesses, the local area and culture. In fifteen years of activities and as declared in its charter, the Foundation has pursued an objective which is two-fold:

  • managing and enhancing the value of the Piaggio Museum and Historical Archive to preserve the Company's heritage
  • offering local communities a venue for events, shows, conferences and meetings on issues of national and international significance.

The purpose of the “Giovanni Alberto Agnelli” Museum and “Antonella Bechi Piaggio” Historical Archive is to preserve the social and cultural heritage that the Company has gathered throughout its over 120 years of history. of the story of one of Italy's most important metal and steel processing companies, which has made every means of transport for people and objects, from ship fittings, to trains, buses, aeroplanes and in 1946, scooters and three- and four-wheeler vehicles.

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